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310   St Eusebius ends his reign as Catholic Pope
335   Constantinople emperor Constantine the Great rules laws against Jews
686   Conon begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1096   Sultan Kilidj Arslan of Nicea defeats 1st Crusaders
1187   Alberto de Morra elected as Pope Gregorius VIII (12/17/1187)
1492   Columbus lands on San Salvador Island
1492   Columbus' discovers America (Oct 12, 1492 Julian calender)
1496   Emperor Maximiliaans daughter marries Spanish crown prince Johan of Arag¢n/Philip de Blank marries Johanna "the Waanzinnige" of
1520   Ferdinand Magellen arrives at Tierra Del Fuego (Pacific Ocean)
1553   Volumes of Talmud are burned
1555   Emperor Charles V makes Erard of Pallandt earl of Culemborg
1555   English parliament refuses to recognize Philip of Spain as king
1568   2nd Altenburger sermon: Philippisten/Gnesiolutheranen
1591   Nijmegen surrenders to Earl Mauritius van Nassau
1601   Memorial service for Daitokuji's Shinju held for Ikkyu Sojun in Kyoto
1639   Dunes (Marten Tromp defeats Spanish armada under De Oquendo)
1639   Sea battle at Dunes: lt-adm Maarten Tromp beats Spanish Armada
1641   Catholic uprising in Ulster: 1000s English & Scots killed
1652   King Louis XIV returns to Paris
1708   Dutch & English troops occupy Lille (Rijsel)
1727   Russian & Chinese accord to correct boundaries
1797   US Navy frigate Constitution, Old Ironsides, launched in Boston
1805   Battle of Trafalgar, Adm Nelson defeats French & Spanish fleet & dies
1824   Joseph Aspdin patents Portland cement (Yorkshire England)
1858   In Paris, the Can-Can is 1st performed
1858   Jacques Offenbach's opera "Orph‚e aux Enfers," premieres in Paris
1861   Battle of Balls Bluff, VA (Leesburg, Harrison's Island)
1864   Battle of Westport, MO (Kansas City)
1868   Severe earthquake at 7:53 AM, centered in Hayward, Calif
1869   1st shipment of fresh oysters comes overland from Baltimore
1871   1st US amateur outdoor athletic games (NY)
1878   German republic chancellor Bismarck delegates end of "Socialism"
1879   Thomas Edison perfects carbonized cotton filament light bulb
1887   Detroit clinches best-of-15 touring World Championship with its 8th victory in Game 11 this afternoon in Baltimore, 13-3
1897   Yerkes Observatory of University of Chicago is dedicated
1899   Battle at Elandslaagte Natal: (Boers vs British army)
1905   England Pilgrim Assn beats All NY 11, 7-1 in soccer at Polo Grounds
1911   Manitoba, Saskatchewan & Alberta Unions form Western Canada Rugby Football Union
1911   RS Hichens & M Hudsons "Garden of Allah," premieres in NYC
1914   Battle of Warsaw ends with German defeat
1915   1st transatlantic radiotelephone message, Arlington, Va to Paris
1916   US Army forms Reserve Officers Training Corps
1917   1st Americans to see action on front lines of WW I
1917   Petrograds garrison accepts Revolutionary Military Committee
1918   Margaret Owen sets world typing speed record of 170 wpm for 1 min
1921   Tuschinski Theater opens in Amsterdam
1923   1st planetarium opens at Deutsche Museum in Munich
1924   KLM Fokker's F7 H-NACC departs to Dutch East Indies
1925   Sidney Howards "Lucky Sam McGarver," premieres in NYC
1935   Hank Greenberg selected AL MVP unanimously
1937   Dmitri Shostakovitch's 5th Symphony premieres
1937   Franco-troops occupies Gijon
1938   Japanese troops occupies Canton
1940   RAF drops 1st anti-nazi pamphlets on Netherlands
1944   Canadian troops occupy Breskens
1944   During WW II, US troops capture Aachen, 1st large German city to fall
1944   Walter Piston's "Fugue for a Victory Tune," premieres in NYC
1945   Women in France allowed to vote for 1st time
1947   Dutch Dakota explodes near Coopenhagen, 16 die
1948   Beersheba liberated by Israeli army
1948   Dutch Constellation crashes at Prestwick Scotland (40 murder)
1948   Facsimile high-speed radio transmission demonstrated (Washington DC)
1948   UN reject Russian proposal to destroy atomic weapons
1950   Chinese forces occupy Tibet
1950   Death penality abolished in Belgium
1950   Patty Berg wins LPGA Hardscrabble Women's Golf Invitation
1950   Tom Powers of Duke scores 6 touchdowns
1952   Dutch govt refuses New-Guinea (West-Irian)
1954   Dorothy Parker/Arnaud d'Usseau's "Ladies of the Corridor," premieres
1954   Indonesian troops land in New-Guinea
1956   Betty Dodd wins LPGA Lawton Golf Open
1957   Giants purchase Class-A Phoenix team
1957   Jailhouse Rock starring Elvis Presley opens
1957   Marlene Hagge wins LPGA Lawton Golf Open
1958   1st women in English House of Lords
1959   Contra revolutionaries bomb Havana
1959   Guggenheim Museum, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, opens (NYC)
1959   Players Assn approves 2 All-Star Games in 1960, to be held in KC & NY
1960   1st British nuclear sub Dreadnought launched
1960   JFK & Nixon clashed in 4th & final presidential debate (NYC)
1961   Barbra Striesand opens in "Another Evening with Harry Stones"
1961   USSR performs nuclear test at Sary Shagan USSR
1962   Mickey Wright wins LPGA Carlsbad Cavern Golf Open
1964   Abebe Bikila runs world/olympic record marathon (2:12:11.2)
1964   Braves ask NL to allow them to leave Milwaukee for Atlanta
1965   KTWU TV channel 11 in Topeka, KS (PBS) begins broadcasting
1965   Nobel prize for chemistry awarded to Robert B Woodward
1965   Robert B Woodward awarded Nobel prize for chemistry
1965   Vivian Beaumont Theater (NYC) opens
1966   144 die as a coal waste landslide engulfed a school in Aberfan S Wales
1967   Egypt sinks Israeli torpedo boat
1967   Thousands opposing Vietnam War try to storm Pentagon
1969   Bloodless coup in Somalia (National Day)
1969   Leonard Gersh' "Butterflies are Free," premieres in NYC
1969   Maj Gen Mohamed Siad Barre becomes President of Somali
1969   Willy Burns elected chancellor of West Germany
1970   777 Unification church couples wed in Korea
1970   Caledonian Airways takes over British United Airways
1970   Nobel prize of peace awarded to Norman E Borlaugh
1971   "To Live Another Summer" opens at Helen Hayes NYC for 173 perfs
1971   Nobel prize for literature awarded to Pablo Neruda
1971   USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1971   William H Rehnquist & Lewis F Powell nominated to US Supreme Court by Nixon, following resignations of Justices Hugo Black & Jo
1972   "Dude" closes at Broadway Theater NYC after 16 performances
1972   "Man of La Mancha" closes at Beaumont Theater NYC after 140 perfs
1972   "Pacific Paradise" closes at Palace Theater NYC after 5 performances
1973   A's manager Dick Williams quits after A's beat Mets in World Series
1973   Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Waco Tribune Herald Ladies Golf Classic
1974   1st Islander shut-out opponent-Billy Smith 5-0 vs Caps
1974   Sandra Palmer wins LPGA Cubic Corp Golf Classic
1975   "Treemonisha" opens at Uris Theater NYC for 64 performances
1975   Coast Guard Academy 1st allows women to enroll
1975   Elton John given a star in Hollywood
1975   Mexico City's 1st major subway accident takes 26 lives
1975   Red Sox Carlton Fisk's 12th inning HR beats Reds 7-6 in game 6 of WS
1975   USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
1975   Venera 9, 1st craft to orbit planet Venus launched
1976   55th weaapon accord signed
1976   American Saul Bellow wins Nobel Prize for Literature
1976   Cin Reds sweep NY Yankees, in 73rd World Series
1976   Nobel prize for literature awarded to Saul Bellow
1976   NY Knicks retire 1st number, # 19, Willis Reed
1976   NY Yankee Thurman Munson ties World Series mark of 6 straight singles
1977   US recalls William Bowdler, ambassador to South Africa
1979   10th NYC Marathon won by Bill Rodgers in 2:11:42
1979   9th NYC Women's Marathon won by Grete Waitz in 2:27:33
1979   Greta Weitz wins woman participation in NYC marathon (02:27:33)
1979   Israeli minister of Foreign affairs Moshe Dayan resigns
1979   Ozzie Newsome begins NFL streak of 150 consecutive game receptions
1980   "Banjo Dancing" opens at Century Theater NYC for 38 performances
1980   1st (& only) time Phillies win World Series (in 98 years)
1980   Michael Gorbatsjov elected member of Politburo
1980   Phillies win their 1st World Championship in their 98-year history
1983   Pope John Paul II names 3 new Dutch bishops
1984   Cleveland Browns' Steve Cox sets club record with a 60-yd field goal
1984   Niki Lauda becomes 3rd time motor racing world champ
1984   Steve Jones runs Chicago Marathon in world record 2:08:05
1985   Qasim Omar (206) & Javed Miandad (203*) make 397 stand v SL
1986   1st-class cricket debut of Andy Flower, ZCU Presidents XI v Young WI
1986   Hugh Whitemore's "Breaking the Code," premieres in London
1986   IBM re-forms in South Africa
1986   Republic of Marshall Islands signs Compact of Free Assn with US
1986   US writer Edward A Tracy kidnap in Beirut
1987   7th Belgium govt of Martens forms
1987   Nobel prize for economy awarded to Robert M Solow
1987   Senate debate begins rejecting Robert Bork's Supreme Ct nomination
1988   Boston Celtics beat Yugoslavia 113-85 in Madrid
1988   Ferdinand & Imelda Marcos indicted on racketeering charges
1989   "Dangerous Games" closes at Nederlander Theater NYC after 4 perfs
1989   1st black owners (Betram Lee & Peter Bynoe) to own a major sports team, purchasing Denver Nuggets for $65m
1989   Buck Helm found alive after being buried 4 days, in SF earthquake
1989   Houston becomes 1st major college team to gain 1000 yards in a game
1990   Esther Canseco calls Oakland A's manager Tony La Russa a "punk" for not starting husband Jose in the World Series
1991   24 die in a fire in Oakland Calif
1991   Former Calif gov Jerry Brown announce run for presidency
1991   US hostage Jesse Turner released from 5 years in captivity in Beirut
1992   Madonna's book "Sex" goes on sale
1993   "Twilight of the Golds" opens at Booth Theater NYC for 29 performances
1993   Gary Kasparov defeats Nigel Short for chess championship
1993   Milt coup by Burundi Pres Ndadaye/525,000 Hutu's flee
1994   Hana bridge is Seoul Korea crashes, 32+ die
1994   North Korea signs pact to end their nuclear projects
1995   Addison Vance, 18, of Hickory NC, crowned 7th Ms Venus Swimwear
1995   Mario Tremblay, selected 22nd NHL coach of Montreal Canadians
1997   Cleve Marquis Grissom hit in his 15th straight World Series game (streak ends at 15, he is 2nd to Hank Baur with 17)
1997   Elton John's tribute to Diana breaks world record, 318 million dist

1570   Wolfgang Schonsleder, composer
1574   Nicolo Rubini, composer
1582   Johan Ernst earl of Nassau-Siegen, military/son of Johan VII
1650   Jean Bart, French captain/sea hero (Escape from Plymouth)
1680   Francisco Jose Coutinho, composer
1751   David Moritz Michael, composer
1761   Louis AG baron de Bacler d'Albe, French cartographer/brig general
1762   Herman W Daendels, brig-gen/gov-gen of Dutch-Indies (1807-11)
1767   Francesco Ruggi, composer
1772   Samuel Taylor Coleridge, England, poet (Rime of Ancient Mariner)
1775   Guiseppi Baini, composer
1790   Alphonse-Marie Louis de Lamartine, Macon France, writer (Ren‚)
1803   George Wright, Brig General (Union volunteers), died in 1865
1807   Hanri Reber, composer
1807   Miguel Hilarion Eslava y Elizondo, composer
1822   Levinus Keuchenius, Dutch minister of Colonies (1888-90)
1823   Pasqual Juan Emilio Arrieta y Corera, composer
1827   Petrus PM Alberdingk Thijm, Dutch historian/writer
1833   Alfred Bernhard Nobel, Stockholm, created dynamite & Peace Prizes
1839   Georg von Siemens, founder (Deutsche Bank)
1843   Mark M Antokolski, Russian/French sculptor (Peter the Great)
1846   Edmondo de Amicis, Italian writer (Cuore)
1847   Guiseppe Giacosa, Italian songwriter (libretti opera Puccini)
1851   George Ulyett, cricketer (great Yorkshire all-rounder 1873-93)
1858   Ramabai Dongre' Medhavi, India, social reformer
1873   George P Gooch, English historian/MP
1874   Albert Aftalion, Bulgaria/French economist
1879   Marie Joseph Canteloube de Malaret, composer
1885   Egon Joseph Wellesz, Austria, composer/musicologist
1885   Jan Altink, Dutch painter/co-founder (Ploeg)
1890   Gerrit Engelke, German writer/poet (Love Letters)
1891   John Metzelaar, Dutch/US (About Tropical Atl Visschen)
1891   Ted Shawn, US dancer/choreographer (Dance We Must)
1895   Alexander d'Arbeloff, entrepreneur
1895   Shukichi Mitsukuri, composer
1896   Edna Purviance, Lovelock NV (Dog's Pleasure, Dog's Life)
1898   Amedeo duke of Aosta, viceroy of Ethiopia/gov-gen of Ital East-Africa
1901   Gerhard von Rad, German old testament scholar (Deuteronomium)
1902   Hilarion Rubio, composer
1902   Lillian Bronson, Lockport NY, actress (Next Voice you Hear)
1904   Edmond [Moore] Hamilton, US, sci-fi author (Danger Planet)
1908   Alexander Schneider, Vilna Lith, violinist (Budapest String Quartet)
1908   Howard Ferguson, composer
1911   Peter Graves, London England, actor (Mission Impossible, Stalag 17)
1911   Vladimir Ussachevsky, Manchurian/US composer (Creation) [NS=Nov 3]
1912   Carlos Don Byas, US jazz saxophonist
1912   Georg Solti, Budapest Hungary, conductor (Fidelio)
1914   Martin Gardner, Scientific American math & puzzles columnist
1916   Andrea Checchi, Firenze Italy, actress (Attack & Retreat)
1916   Tomojiro Ikenouchi, composer
1917   Dizzy Gillespie, [John B], jazz trumpeter, a creator of modern jazz
1919   Claire Sterling, journalist
1919   Daniel John Chapman Cunningham, physiologist
1921   Jarmil Burghauser, composer
1921   Malcolm Arnold, Northampton Engld, composer (Bridge over River Kwai)
1925   Joyce Randolph, Detroit Mich, actress (Trixie-Honeymooners)
1926   Leonard Rossiter, Liverpool England, actor (Britannia Hospital)
1926   Marga Richter, composer
1927   Nadine Judd, [Nadia Moore/Nerina], S African/British ballerina
1928   Edward "Whitey" Ford, hall of fame pitcher (NY Yankees)
1928   Mario Pinto, the Andrade, writer/president MPLA (Angola)
1929   Ursula K[roeber] Le Guin, US, sci-fi author (Tombs of Atuan)
1930   Doreen Cannon, teacher of acting (London)
1931   Jim Parks, cricketer (England batsman-keeper in 46 Tests 1954-68)
1933   Georgia Brown, [Lillian Getel], actress (Study in Terror, Fixer)
1934   Jerry Lewis, (Rep-R-California, 1979- )
1936   James H "Simon" Gray, English playwright (Butley)
1937   Norman Wright, rocker (Del-Vikings)
1940   Don Ritter, (Rep-R-PA, 1979- )
1940   Frances FitzGerald, NYC, journalist/author (Fire in the Lake)
1940   Geoffrey Boycott, cricketer (stoic England opener 1964-82)
1940   Julie Parrish, Middlesboro Ky, actress (Good Morning World, Capitol)
1940   Manfred Mann, [Michael Lubowitz], S Afr, rocker (Mighty Quinn)
1940   Osamu Watanabe, Japan, featherweight (Olympic-gold-1964)
1941   Marina Ripa, Rome Italy, countess/writer (My First 40 Years)
1941   Steve Cropper, TN, guitarist/songwriter (Booker T & MGs)
1942   Elvin Bishop, Tulsa OK, rock guitarist (Fooled Around & Fell in Love)
1942   Les AuCoin, (Rep-D-OR, 1975- )
1943   Frans LAJ Wolters, economist/Dutch MP (PvdA)
1943   Paula Kelly, Jacksonville Fla, dancer/actress (Liz-Night Court)
1943   Ron Elliott, rocker
1944   Janet Ahlberg, illustrator
1945   Everett McGill, Miami Beach FL, actor (Jezebel's Kiss, Silver Bullet)
1945   Kathy Young, rocker (Thousand Stars in the Sky)
1945   Nikita Mikhalkov, director (Dark Eyes, Slave of Love)
1946   Lee Loughnane, rocker (Chicago)
1947   Younis Ahmed, cricketer (batted for Pakistan in 1969 & again in 1987)
1948   Moses J "Moss" Mayekiso, South African union/SACP-leader
1949   Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli prime minister
1949   Jonathon Silver, entrepreneur/arts patron
1949   Shulamit Ran, composer
1950   David H G viscount Lascelles, grandson of English princess Mary
1950   Ronald E McNair, Lake City SC, astr (STS 41B, 51L-Challenger disaster)
1952   Brent Mydland, Munich Germany, rock keyboardist/vocalist (Grass Roots)
1952   Patti Ann Davis-Reagan, singer/actress/writer, Ron & Nancy's daughter
1952   Trevor Chappell, cricketer (bro of several Aussie underarm bowler)
1953   Charlotte Caffey, rock guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist (Go-Go's)
1953   Eleonora Giorgi, Rome Italy, actress (Nu de Femme, To Forget Venice)
1955   Eric Faulkner, Edinburgh Scotland, rock guitarist (Bay City Rollers)
1956   Carrie Fisher, Beverly Hills, actress (Princess Lelia-Star Wars)
1957   Julian Cope, [Kevin Stapleton], Welsh pop musician (Eve's Volcano)
1957   Steve Lukather, US rock singer/guitarist (Toto-Africa)
1959   George Bell, Dom Rep, outfielder (Blue Jays, 1987 AL MVP)
1960   Lionel Washington, NFL cornerback (Denver Broncos)
1961   Mark Finch, film festival organiser
1962   Don Fardon, Toowoomba QLD, Australasia golfer
1965   Alison Munt, Cairns Australia, LPGA golfer (1992 Jamie Farr-21st)
1965   Chima McLean, Vancouver BC, Canadian Tour golfer (1991 Conestoga)
1965   Chris Duplanty, Palo Alto Calif, water polo goalkeeper (Olympics-96)
1966   Jonas B, Svensson Sweden, tennis star
1966   Thomas Louis Tolles Jr, Ft Myers FL, PGA golfer (1995 Bob Hope-3rd)
1967   Bill Berg, St Catharines, NHL left wing (NY Rangers)
1967   Gavin Brian Lovegrove, Auckland NZ, javelin (Olympics-96)
1967   John Flaherty, NYC, catcher (San Diego Padres)
1967   Stanley Richard, NFL safety (Washington Redskins)
1968   Francois Gravel, hockey goaltender (Team France 1998)
1969   John McMullen, Santa Rosa Calif, Canadian Tour golfer (1992 NCAA-15th)
1969   Mo Lewis, NFL linebacker (NY Jets)
1969   Tracy Yarbrough, Miss Idaho USA (1996)
1970   Lance Teichelmann, WLAF defensive tackle (Rhein Fire)
1970   Marc Wilkins, Mansfield OH, pitcher (Pitts Pirates)
1971   Astrella Leitch, Celeste rocker, Donovan's daughter
1971   Damien Martyn, cricketer (WA & Australian middle-order batsman)
1971   Jade Jagger, Paris France, daughter of Mick & Bianca Jagger
1971   Rebecca Lynn Gray, Indianapolis Indiana, Miss America-Indiana (1996)
1971   Ren‚ Ponk, soccer player (FC Utrecht)
1971   Shane Hannah, NFL guard (Dallas Cowboys)
1972   Orlando Thomas, NFL safety (Minn Vikings)
1973   Dan Neil, NFL guard (Denver Broncos-Superbowl 32)
1973   Derrick Beatty, CFL defensive back (Edmonton Eskimos)
1976   Jeremy Miller, West Covina Calif, actor (Ben-Growing Pains)
1976   Nirachala Kumya, Miss Universe-Thailand (1996)
1977   Christie Lee Woods, Texas, Miss Teen USA (1996)

1422   Charles VI, King of France (1380-1422), dies at 54
1439   Traversari Ambrosius, Italian humanist/leader, dies at 53
1558   Julius Caesar Scaliger, Italian physician (Poetice), dies at 74
1561   Johannes Vasaeus, Flemish humanist/historian, dies at about 49
1627   Frederik de Houtman, navigator/governor of Ambon, dies at about 56
1629   Tumengung Buraksa, Matarams/Javanese general, dies in battle
1637   Laurens Reael, vice-governor of Ambon/poet/admiral, dies at 54
1650   Pedro de Espinosa, Spanish poet/writer, dies
1662   Henry Lawes, composer, dies at 66
1687   Edmund Waller, English poet/plotter (Waller's plot), dies
1708   Christian Weise, German writer (That B”se Catherine), dies
1765   Giovanni Paolo Pannini/Panini, Italian painter/architect, dies at 73
1773   Johann Conrad Schlaun, German barok architect, dies at 78
1793   Johann Ernst Hartmann, composer, dies at 66
1798   Johann Christoph Schmugel, composer, dies at 71
1805   Horatio Nelson, dies in Battle of Trafalgar
1805   Johann Baptist Lasser, composer, dies at 54
1810   Franz Teyber, composer, dies at 52
1831   Nat Turner, & 19 associates, hanged at 31
1856   Henry FC Tollens, merchant/poet (Vienna Neˆrlands blood), dies at 76
1861   Edward Dickinson Baker, US attorney/senator, dies in battle at 50
1861   John Breckinridge Grayson, Confederate brig-general, dies
1863   Lambertus GC Ledeboer, Dutch old-reformed vicar, dies at 55
1872   Jacques Babinet, French physicist/mathematician/astronomer, dies at 78
1886   Jos‚ Hernandez, Argentine poet (La vuelta the Mart¡n Fierro), dies
1897   Paul Kuczynski, composer, dies at 50
1905   Jose Teodor Vilar, composer, dies at 69
1906   [Georgette A] Helena Amelung, actress (Small Lord), dies at 55
1916   Karl von Strgkh, premier Austria, assassinated
1919   Sven August Korling, composer, dies at 77
1924   Martin Pierre Joseph Marsick, composer, dies at 76
1929   Owen Dunell, cricketer (two Tests for South Africa in 1889), dies
1931   A Schnitzler, writer, dies at 69
1937   Betty Carver, wife of Bernard Montgomery, buried
1939   Nummy Deane, cricketer (628 runs in 17 Tests for South Africa), dies
1943   Alfred DPR Pound, British admiral/1st Sealord (Jutland, WW II), dies
1955   Roy Minnett, cricketer (Australian all-rounder prior to WW I), dies
1961   Nils J E Ferlin, Swedish songwriter (Goggles), dies
1963   George B Cressey, US geographer (Crossroads), dies at 66
1965   Bill Black, rocker, dies at 39
1965   Marie McDonald, singer/actress (Promises Promises), dies of OD at 42
1966   Gertrude Hoffman, actress (Mrs Odetts-My Little Margie), dies at 95
1967   Ejnar Hertzsprung, Danish astrophysicist, dies at 94
1969   Jack Kerouac, US writer (Doctor Sax, On the Road), dies at 47
1970   John T Scopes, US teacher (Scopes "monkey trial" 1925), dies at 70
1971   Etienne Gailly, Belgian marathoner (Oly-bronze-48), dies at 48
1971   Raymond Hatton, actor (Girls in Prison), dies of heart attack at 84
1973   Arabi El Goni, VP/Chad parliament, murdered
1977   Ferit Tuzun, composer, dies at 48
1977   Ronnie Van Zant, singer (Lynyrd Skynyrd Band), killed in plane crash
1977   Stevie Gaines, guitarist (Lynyrd Skynyrd Band), killed in plane crash
1978   Anastas I Mikojan, Russian politician, dies at 83
1983   Theodorus H J Zwartkruis, Bishop (Haarlem), dies
1984   Dalibor Cyril Vackar, composer, dies at 78
1984   Fran‡ois Truffaut, dir (Fahrenheit 451), dies of brain cancer at 52
1984   Indira Gandhi, India PM, killed by her bodyguards
1987   Ying-Chin Ho, Taiwan govt official, dies at 88
1992   Jackson Weaver, voice of Smokey the Bear, dies of diabetes
1992   Jim Garrison, Louisiana DA (investigate JFK assassination), dies at 70
1992   Shirley Booth, actress (Hazel), dies at 94
1993   Assad Saftawi, Palestinian co-founder of al-Fatah, murdered at 58
1993   Irving Torgoff, US baseball player (Detroit Tigers), dies at 75
1993   Melchior Ndadaye, banker/1st Hutu pres of Burundi (1993), murder at 40
1993   Sam Zolotow, US theater critic (NY Times), dies at 94
1993   Scott Heiser, US photographer (Interview), dies at 44
1994   Edward Moss Hutchinson, educationalist, dies at 85
1994   Jerome Bert Weisner, military Scientist/Disarmer, dies at 79
1995   Jose Ignacio Cabrujas, writer, dies at 58
1995   Maxene Andrews, vocalist (Andrews Sister), dies of heart attack at 79
1995   Shannon Hoon, vocalist (Blind Melon), dies of drug overdose at 28
1996   Abdelhamid Benhadugah, novelist, dies at 71
1996   Eric Halsall, sheepdog trial commentator, dies at 76
1996   George Houston, land economist, dies at 74
1996   Georgios Zoitakis, leader of Greece (1967-72), dies
1996   Robert O'Neill Crossman, politician, dies at 49
1996   Wang Li, politician, dies at 78
1997   Dolph Camilli, Bkln Dodger/MVP (1941), dies at 90

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