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378   Battle of Adrianople, Visigoth Calvary defeats Roman Army
1378   Cardinals declare pope Urbanus VI lawless (anti christian/devil)
1559   Willem of Orange becomes viceroy of Holland/Zealand/Utrecht
1596   Henry van Cuyk becomes bishop of Roermond
1638   Jonas Bronck of Holland becomes 1st European settler in Bronx
1655   Lord Protector Cromwell divides England into 11 districts
1673   Admiral Cornelis Evertsen de Jonge recaptures NY
1673   Dutch recapture NY from English; regained by English in 1674
1726   Netherlands signs Covenant of Hannover
1757   English Ft William Henry, NY, surrenders to French & Indians troops
1778   Captain Cook reaches Cape Prince of Wales, Bering straits
1790   Columbia returns to Boston after 3 year journey, 1st ship to carry US flag around the world
1803   1st horses arrive in Hawaii
1829   "Stourbridge Lion" locomotive goes into service
1830   Louis-Philippe formally accepts crown of France, following abdication of Charles X
1831   1st US steam engine train run (Albany to Schenectady, NY)
1832   King Leopold I of Belgium marries Louisa Maria
1841   Erie boat in Buffalo NY catches fire; 242 die
1842   US-Canada border defined by Webster-Ashburton Treaty
1848   Austria & Sardinia sign cease fire
1848   Barnburners (anti-slavery) party merges with Free Soil Party nominateing Martin Van Buren for president
1849   Hungarian Republic crushed by Austria & Russia
1854   Henry David Thoreau publishes "Walden"
1855   Battle of Acapulco during Mexican Liberal uprising
1859   Elevator patented
1862   Battle of Cedar Mountain VA (Slaughter Mountain, Southwest Mountain)
1862   Berlioz' opera "B‚atrice et B‚n‚dict," premieres in Baden-Baden
1862   Prelude to 2nd Manassas, Jackson is victorious at Battle of Cedar Mt, however Gen Charles S Winder is killed
1864   Battle of Ft Morgan AL
1890   1st 44 Javans arrive in Suriname, to work 5 year on sugar plantations
1893   1st US bowling magazine, Gut Holz, published in NY
1901   34-35øN/98-99øW open for US colonization
1902   Edward VII of England crowned after death of his mother Victoria
1905   Mistaking her husband for a burglar, Ty Cobb's mother kills him
1910   Alva Fisher patents electric washing machine
1914   German submarine U-15 sinks British cruiser
1915   British attack at Chanak Bair at Gallipolis
1918   Reds manager Christy Mathewson suspects Hal Chase of taking bribes to fix games, & suspends him "for indifferent play"
1920   Bulgarian & allied Peace of Neuilly-sur-Seine goes into effect
1923   NY State Golf Assoc formed
1925   Only time Babe Ruth pinch-hit for, Bobby Veach flies out
1930   113øF (45øC) at Perryville, Tennessee (state record)
1930   Betty Boop debuts in Max Fleischer's animated cartoon Dizzy Dishes
1930   Percy Williams runs world record 100m (10.3 sec)
1936   Jesse Owens wins 4th gold medal at Berlin Olympics
1941   Winston Churchill reaches Newfoundland for 1st talk with FDR
1942   200 Jews escape Mir Ghetto in Poland
1942   Dmitri Shostakovitch's 7th Symphony performed in Leningrad
1942   Mahatma Gandhi & 50 others arrested in Bombay after passing of a "quit India" campaign by the All-India Congress
1942   Vice-Adm Mikawa lands at Guadalcanal, Solomon Island
1943   Bertolt Brecht's "Leben des Galilei," premieres in Zrich
1944   12 workers of Dutch illegal paper "Trouw," executed at Camp Vught
1944   Smokey Bear debuts as spokeman for fire prevention
1944   US 79th/90th division enter Le Mans
1945   US drops 2nd atomic bomb "Fat Man" on Japan destroys part of Nagasaki
1946   1st time all major-league baseball games (8) are played at night
1950   Lusty Song wins Hambletonian
1951   Dutch Korea volunteers win US Collective Unit Citation
1952   General strike against overtime conscription in Belgium
1953   Premier Mohammed Abdullah of Kashmir, fired
1956   1st state-wide, state-supported educational TV network, Alabama
1956   South African women demonstrate against pass laws
1957   24th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: NY Giants 22, All-Stars 12 (75,000)
1960   Race riot in Jacksonville Florida
1961   James B Parsons is 1st black appointed to Federal District Court
1963   Britains rock TV show, Ready Steady Go, premieres
1963   NY Met Roger Craig's NL record-tying 18-game losing streak ends
1964   1st Rolling Stones concert in Netherlands
1964   Bunning continues pitching perfectly to NY Mets until 2 outs in 5th, when Joe Christopher beats out a bunt. He totals 15 inning
1964   Shirley Englehorn wins LPGA Waterloo Women's Golf Open Invitational
1965   Fire in Titan II silo in Searcy Arkansas, 53 die
1965   Singapore gains independence from Malaysia (National Day)
1967   Biafran offensive against Nigerian army
1967   KYAY TV channel 39 in West Monroe, LA (IND) begins broadcasting
1968   Yugoslav president Tito visits Prague
1969   "Zorba" closes at Imperial Theater NYC after 305 performances
1969   Manson family commits Tate-LaBianca murders
1970   Jane Blalock wins LPGA Lady Carling Golf Open
1970   Peruvian Airlines jet carrying 45 US exchange students explodes
1971   Le Roy (Satchel) Paige inducted into baseball's Hall of Fame
1972   Rockwell receives NASA contract to construct Space Shuttle
1973   Henry McCullough & Denny Seiwell quit Wings
1973   USSR launches Mars 7
1974   Richard Nixon resigns presidency, VP Gerald Ford becomes 38th pres
1975   1st NFL game in Louisiana Superdome, Houston beats Saints 13-7
1975   Dodger Davey Lopes steals record 32nd consec base without being caught
1975   Donna Caponi Young wins LPGA Colgate European Ladies Golf Open
1976   Clive Lloyd scores double-ton in 120 mins, WI v Glamorgan
1976   Pitt Pirate John Candelaria no-hits LA Dodgers, 2-0
1976   USSR launches Luna 24, last Lunar flight to date from Earth
1977   Chris Old completes a century in 37 mins, Yorks v Warwicks
1977   NHL refuses merger of 6 WHA clubs
1978   USSR performs (underground) nuclear test
1978   Yanks score 5 in bottom of 9th beat Brewers 8-7
1979   English seaside resort Brighton gets 1st British nude beach
1980   Belgian constitution revised
1981   52nd All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 5-4 at Municipal Stadium, Cleve
1981   6 English lifeguards set relay swim record English Channel (7:17)
1981   63rd PGA Championship: Larry Nelson shoots a 273 at Atlanta AC Ga
1981   All star MVP: Gary Carter (Mont Expos)
1981   Hollis Stacy wins LPGA West Virginia Bank Golf Classic
1981   NL beats AL 5-4 in 52nd All Star Game (Cleveland Stadium)
1984   Daley Thomas of Britain sets decathalon record (8,847) in LA Cal
1984   STS 41-D vehicle again moves out to launch pad
1986   "Honky Tonk Nights" closes at Biltmore Theater NYC after 4 perfs
1987   "Les Miserables," opens at Cameri Theatre, Tel Aviv
1987   69th PGA Championship: Larry Nelson shoots 287 at PGA Natl Palm Beach
1987   LA Rams beat Dallas Cowboys 28-27 in London, England (NFL expo)
1987   Mary Beth wins LPGA Henredon Golf Classic
1988   Cubs beat Mets 6-4 in their 1st official night game at Wrigley Field
1988   Edmonton Oilers trade Wayne Gretzky to LA Kings for $15-$20 millions
1988   Just 1 day after 8/8/88 NY's daily number is 888
1990   12 Arab leaders agree to send pan-Arab forces to protect Saudi Arabia
1990   Soyuz TM-10 lands
1992   "Streetcar Named Desire" closes at Ethel Barrymore NYC after 137 perf
1992   25th Olympic Summer games closes in Barcelona, Spain
1992   Florence Descampe wins McCall's LPGA Golf Classic at Stratton Mt
1992   Last day of Test Cricket for David Gower
1992   Record temperature in Berlin-Dahlem 99.3øF (37.4øC)
1993   King Albert II of Belgium, crowned
1994   Phil Rizzuto Hall of Fame Night
1994   Stanley Betrian put in charge of Cura‡ao
1997   Security guard Abner Louima, attacked by NYC police
1997   Yanks break Minn Twins Brad Radke's string of 12 straight wins
1998   Star Bank LPGA Classic

1593   Izaak Walton, England, biographer/fisherman/writer (Compleat Angler)
1611   Henry earl of Nassau-Siegen, colonel/governor of Hulst Neth
1631   John Dryden, English poet/playwright (Heroic Stanzas) [NS=Aug 19]
1677   Jacob Campo Weyerman, South Neth's adventurer/painter/writer
1686   Benedetto Marcello, Venice It, composer (Lettera Famigliare) [or 7/24]
1690   Lorenzo Gaetano Zavateri, composer
1696   Jozef Wenceslas, monarch of Liechtenstein/general
1718   Placidus Cajetan von Camerloher, composer
1758   Bruno Dalberg/Anonymus Belga, [Petrus the Wacker van Zon], writer
1776   Amedeo Avogadro, Tuin Italy, 6.022 x 10 ^ 23 (Avogadro's Law)
1781   Michael Umlauf, composer
1808   William Thomas Ward, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)
1819   William Thomas Green Morton, dentist, used ether (HOF 1920)
1823   Daniel Marsh Frost, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1900
1824   Simon Goodell Griffin, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)
1825   Elisha Ferry, (Gov-R-Wash, 1872-80, 1889-93)
1834   Elias Alvares Lobo, composer
1845   Xavier Mellery, Belgian painter/illustrator
1861   Wilhelm Berger, composer
1869   Randle Ayrton, Chester England, actor (Manxman)
1874   Reynaldo Hahn, composer
1875   Albert William Ketelbey, Aston England, composer (Wonder Worker)
1875   Reynaldo Hahn, composer
1883   George Hoyt, NBA hall of fame referee (elected 1961)
1884   Maria "Mary" Beekman, actress (Genius against Violence)
1887   Abraham Schierbeek, Dutch biologist (Swammerdam)
1888   Hans Oster, German major general/spy/July 20th plotter
1890   Cesar Cortinas, composer
1890   Eino Kaila, Finnish psychologist/philosopher
1890   Sandor Jemnitz, composer
1891   Max Tak, Dutch violinist/radio commentator
1892   Charles Delaney, NYC, actor (Air Police, Lonesome Trail)
1895   Fred Badcock, cricketer (swing bowler in NZ's 1st Test matches)
1895   Nat Pendleton, Davenport IA, Olympic wrestler/actor (Reckless)
1896   Jean Piaget, Switz, pioneer developmental psychologist/zoologist
1896   Leonide Massine, choreographer (Diaghilev Ballet Russe 1914-20)
1897   Ralph Wyckoff, American pioneer in x-ray crystallography
1898   David de Jong, Dutch writer (Mutiny on the Canal)
1899   Armand Salacrou, French playwright
1899   Pamela Lyndon Travers, writer (Mary Poppins)
1901   Charles Farrell, Cape Cod Mass, actor (Vern-My Little Margie)
1902   Zino Francescatti, Marseilles France, violinist (NY Phil-1939)
1903   Tom Tyler, [Vincent Markowsky], Port Henry NY, actor (Mummy's Hand)
1905   Elizabeth Lane, 1st female British supreme court justice
1905   Leo Genn, London England, actor (Affair in Monte Carlo)
1907   Berta Waterstradt, writer
1909   John Baur, museum director/author (American Paintings in 19th Century)
1910   Robert H van Gulik, Dutch diplomat/writer (Judge Ti)
1911   Khurshed Meher-Homji, cricketer (Indian wicket-keeper 1936)
1911   Robert McCormick, Danville Ky, NBC newscaster (Current Opinion)
1911   William A Fowler, US, astrophysicist (Nobel 1983)
1913   Harry Mills, singer (Mills Brothers-Paper Moon)
1913   Herman Talmadge, (Sen-D-Ga, Watergate Committee)
1914   Ferenc Fricsay, Hungarian conductor
1914   Gordon Cullen, architect
1914   Joseph M "Joop" Lcker, Dutch journalist/editor in chief (Volkskrant)
1915   Haim Alexander, composer
1918   Robert Aldrich, US director/producer (Dirty Dozen)
1919   Joop [Johannes] den Uyl, Dutch Premier (PVDA, 1973-77)
1919   Ralph Houk, baseball manager (Yankees, Tigers)
1921   J James Exon, (Sen-D-Nebraska, 1979- )
1922   Philip Larkin, Coventry England, writer (North Ship, Jill)
1923   Gerrit Kouwenaar, Dutch literary
1925   Robert Heppener, composer (Hymns & Conversations, Movie Music)
1926   Denis Atkinson, cricketer (WI all-rounder, 219 v Australia 1955)
1926   Michiel de Ruyter, Dutch jazz historian (Mister Jazz)
1927   Marvin Minsky, Artifical intelligence computer scientist (MIT)
1927   Robert Shaw, England, actor (Deep, Jaws, Sting, Black Sunday)
1928   Bob Cousy, NBA guard (Boston Celtics, 1957 MVP)
1930   Betty Boop, animation
1931   Mark Weinberg, South African/British fiancier/multi-millionaire
1935   George S Leotsakos, composer
1938   Dick Anthony Williams, Chicago Ill, actor (Our Family Honor)
1938   Rod Laver, Australia, tennis ace (1962, 1969 Grand Slam)
1939   Billy Henderson, rocker (Spinners-That's What Girls Are Made For)
1939   Claude Osteen, baseball pitcher (Cin Reds)
1939   Max Neuhaus, composer
1939   Tony Budge, English contractor/tank maker/multi-millionaire
1940   Beverlee McKinsey, Okla, actress (Iris-Another World, Guiding Light)
1942   David Steinberg, Winnipeg Canada, comedian/director (End)
1942   Miguel Littin, actor (Promised Land, Alsino & Condor)
1944   Gerrit Jan Wolffensperger, Dutch MP (D66)
1944   Sam Elliott, Sacramento Calif, actor (Big Chill, Fatal Beauty)
1944   Terry Jenner, cricketer (Australian leg-spinner 1971-75)
1944   Viv Prince, rocker (Pretty Things)
1945   Ken Norton, heavyweight boxing champ/TV panelist (Gong Show)
1946   Maarnus Gerritsen, Dutch rocker (Golden Earring)
1946   Rinus Gerritsen, Dutch rock bassist/keyboardist (Golden Earring)
1947   Barbara Mason, US singer (Yes, I'm Ready)
1950   Roelof S "Roel" Bakker, Dutch actor/director (Love Potion)
1952   Vicki Morgan, Colo Springs Colo, mistress (Beautiful Bad Girl)
1955   Doug Williams, Louisiana, NFL QB (Tampa Bay Bucaneers, Wash Redskins)
1957   Melanie Griffith, actress (Working Girl, Milk Money, Now & Then)
1958   Amanda Bearse, actress (Marcy Rhodes-Married With Children)
1958   Greg Chaisson, heavy metal rocker (Badlands-Dreams in the Dark)
1959   Diane Williams, Hahn AFB Ger, singer (Girls Next Door-Don't Be Cruel)
1959   Kurtis Blow, NYC, rapper (Krushgroove-The Breaks)
1961   Brad Gilbert, Oakland CA, tennis star
1962   Jim Johnson, New Hope, NHL defenseman (Washington Capitals)
1962   John Williams, NBA center/forward (Phoenix Suns)
1962   Michael Colnroy, Modern English, rocker
1963   Lonnie Quinn, Cheshire Conn, actor (Will Cooley-All My Children)
1963   Whitney Houston, Newark NJ, singer (One Moment in Time, Bodyguard)
1964   Brett Hull, Belleville Ont, NHL right wing (St Louis Blues, USA)
1964   Yuri Khmylev, Moscow Rus, NHL left wing (Buffalo Sabres)
1965   Ezra Polley, Georgetown Kentucky, pitcher (NY Yankees)
1965   Gillian Anderson, Chicago IL, actress (X-Files)
1965   John Smith, Del City Okla, 62kg freestyle wrestler (Oly-2 gold-88, 92)
1965   Kyle Kyle, Kensington Pa, rock bassist (Bang Tango-Dancin' on Coals)
1966   Pat Petersen, LA Calif, actor (Michael-Knots Landing)
1966   Vinny Del Negro, NBA guard (San Antonio Spurs)
1967   Debbie Spence, San Jose Cal, tennis star
1967   Deborah Lee, Hamilton Ontario, LPGA golfer (1989 National Amat France)
1967   Deion Sanders, NFL defensive (Cowboys)/centerfielder (Yankees)
1967   Elexa Wills/Orrange, Orange Texas, long jumper/triple jumper
1968   Jay Stacy, Aust field hockey midfielder (Oly-4th/silver-88, 92, 96)
1969   Troy Percival, Fontana CA, pitcher (California Angels)
1970   Chris Gedney, NFL tight end (Chic Bears, Arizona Cardinals)
1970   Rod Brind'amour, Ottawa, NHL center (Phila Flyers, Team Canada 98)
1971   Alan Allen, NFL/WLAF wide receiver (NY Jets, London Monarchs)
1971   David Merritt, WLAF linebacker (Rhein Fire)
1971   Mary Joe Fernandez, Dom Rep, tennis player (US National 16s)
1971   Nikki Schieler, Norwalk Calif, playmate (Sep, 1997)
1971   Scott Karl, Fontana CA, pitcher (Milwaukee Brewers)
1972   Elizabeth Vassey, Raleigh NC, actress (Emily Martin-All My Children)
1972   Eric Zomalt, NFL strong safety (Phila Eagles)
1972   Robert Peal, Chicago Ill, dance skater (& Margot Contois)
1972   Silvia Ramon-Cortes, Barcelona Spain, tennis star (1994 Futures-Vigo)
1973   James McKeehan, tight end (Tennessee Oilers)
1973   Jay Hagood, tackle (NY Jets)
1973   Jimmy King, NBA guard (Toronto Raptors)
1973   Jochen Molling, hockey defenseman (Team Germany 1998)
1973   Larry Stallworth, WLAF wide receiver (London Monarchs)
1974   Derek Fisher, NBA guard (LA Lakers)
1974   Tremayne Allen, tight end (Chicago Bears)
1975   Mathew James Coad, Wellington NZ, 100m/200m runner (Olympics-96)
1979   Alizah Allen, NYC NY, figure skater (1997 North Atlantic Sr champ)
1979   Jessica Gregory, Miss Massachusetts Teen USA (1997)
1983   Ashley Johnson, actress (Chrissy-Growing Pains)

117   Mark Ulpius Trajanus, emperor of Rome (98-117)
378   Flavius Valens, emperor of Byzantium (364-78), dies in battle at 50
803   Irene, Byzantine empress/wife of emperor Leo IV, dies
1048   Damasius II, [Poppo], Pope (1047-48), dies
1420   Pierre d'ailly/Peter de Alliaco, French theologist/cardinal, dies
1516   Jeroen Bosch, painter (Garden of the Lusten), dies at 66
1612   Ottavio M Frangipani, Pope elect, dies
1613   Giovanni Righi, composer, dies at 36
1634   Pieter I de Jode, Flemish publisher, dies
1652   John Both, landscape painter/etcher, dies at about 37
1668   Fran‡ois Anguier, French sculptor, dies at about 64
1672   Jose Ximenez, composer, dies at 70
1710   Gabriel Schutz, composer, dies at 77
1727   Johann Philipp Treiber, composer, dies at 52
1738   Pierre Drevet, French engraver, dies
1763   John Althuysen, Fries vicar/poet (Frysk Jierboek), dies at 47
1806   Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia Christian, composer, dies at 33
1835   Claus Nielsen Schali, composer, dies at 78
1848   Frederick Marryat, English captain/author (Mr Midshipman Easy), dies
1854   Frederik Augustus II, king of Saxon (1836-54), dies at 57
1862   Joseph Bennett Plummer, US Union-brig-gen, dies at 42 or 46
1888   Charles Cros, French mathematician/chemist/poet, dies at 45
1888   Isaac Strauss, composer, dies at 82
1892   Matthias de Vries, linguistic (spelling), dies
1896   Otto Lilenthal, aircraft pioneer, killed during a glider test at 48
1904   Friedrich Ratzel, German social-geographer (Lebensraum), dies at 59
1915   Henry Longbottom, English lieutenant, dies in battle
1919   Ernst Haeckel, German philosopher (Social Darwinism), dies at 85
1919   Ruggiero Leoncavallo, Italian composer (Pagliacci), dies at 62
1924   Jacob P Vis, Dutch founder (NV Royal Salt Industries), dies at 66
1928   Frederik II W, grand duke of Baden (1907-18), dies at 71
1929   Heinrich Zille, German cartoonist (Simplicissimus), dies at 71
1942   Edith Stein, German philosopher, dies
1944   Erwin von Witzleben, German fieldmarshal, hanged at 62
1946   A E E Vogler, cricketer (South Africa, 15 Tests, 64 wkts), dies
1949   Harry Davenport, actor (Cowboy & Lady, Enchanted Forest), dies at 83
1955   Marion Eugene Bauer, composer, dies at 57
1958   Felipe Boero, composer, dies at 74
1959   Emil Frantisek Burian, composer, dies at 55
1961   Walter Bedell Smith, US general/WW II chief of staff, dies at 75
1962   Hermann Hesse, German/Swiss poet/author (Nobel 1946), dies at 85
1965   Creighton Hale, silent film actor (Cat & Canary), dies at 83
1966   Gosta Nystroem, composer, dies at 75
1967   Anton Walbrook, actor (Laura, I Accuse), dies of heart attack at 66
1967   Jaromir Weinberger, Czech/US composer (Czech Rhapsody), dies
1967   Joe Orton, English actor/playwright (Leaf, Murdered), dies at 34
1969   Abigail Folger, US, coffee magnate (Folgers), murdered
1969   George P Marshall, NFL president (Washington Redskins), dies at 72
1969   Robert Lehman, US multi-millionaire/director (Met Museum of Art), dies
1969   Sharon Tate, actress (Valley of Dolls), killed by Manson's gang at 26
1969   Voyteck Freykowski, US director, murdered
1972   Bill Berns, commentator (Television Screen Magazine), dies at 53
1972   Richard Elsasser, composer, dies at 45
1973   Charlie Daniels, US swimmer (Olympics-4 gold-1904, 08), dies at 88
1973   Dean Corll, shot, he raped & killed 26 boys
1975   Dimitri D Shostakovitch, composer (Sun Over Motherland), dies at 68
1975   Julian "Cannonball" Adderly, saxophonist/bandleader, dies at 46
1976   Jose Lezama Lima, Cuban poet/novelist, dies at 65
1976   Max Vredenburg, composer, dies at 72
1977   Edward Chapman, actor (Promoter, Rembrandt), dies at 75
1978   James G Cozzens, US writer (Guard of Honor, Pulitzer), dies at 74
1978   Johan Daisne, [Thiery], Belgian writer (Lago Maggiore), dies at 66
1979   Allan Frank, actor (Charade Quiz), dies at 64
1979   Walter O'Malley, CEO (Dodgers), dies at 75
1980   Elliott Nugent, actor (Romance), dies
1980   Oleg Grigoryevich Kononenko, Russian cosmonaut, dies at 41
1980   P K "Perker" Lee, cricketer (Australian bowler 1931-33, 2 Tests), dies
1982   Aleksandr A Alekseyev, Russian director, dies
1986   Joseph "Poeske" Scherens, Belgian cyclist, dies at 77
1987   Kees de Galan, Dutch economist, dies at 55
1988   Alan Napier, (Alfred the Butler-Batman), dies at 85
1990   Dorothy Appleby, actress (Small Town Boy, Paradise Express), dies
1991   Corrie Hartong, dance pioneer, dies
1992   Christopher Todd, [Todd Wangberg], dies of AIDS at 30
1992   Jan van Baal, antropologist/gov Dutch New-Guinea, dies
1992   Patrick A Devlin, England, judge/lead house of Lords, dies
1992   Thomas J McIntyre, (Sen-NH, 1963-79), dies at 77
1993   Mohamed M Tabet, commissar of Casablanca, raped 518, executed at 54
1994   Aartje W "Mien" van It Sant-van Bommel, author, dies at 93
1994   Clarence Ford, sax player, dies at 64
1994   Toby Rowland, theatrical manager, dies at 77
1995   Jerry Garcia, rock vocalist (Grateful Dead), dies at 53
1995   John Schofield, journalist, dies at 29
1995   Willem Noordhoek, photographer, dies at 78
1996   James Whitman McLamore, businessman, dies at 70
1996   Kenneth Fleetwood, fashion Designer, dies at 65
1996   Ruth Holland, journalist, dies at 54

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