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324   Chrysopolis emperor Constantine beats emperor Licinius
1437   Farmer uprising in Transsylvania
1502   Christopher Columbus lands at Costa Rica on his 4th & last voyage
1544   Charles V of Germany & Francis I of France sign Peace of Crepy
1544   English King Henry VIII's troops occupy Boulogne
1544   Peace of Cr‚py: German emperor Charles V & French king Fran‡ois I
1573   Spanish attack Alkmaar
1635   Emperor Ferdinand II declares war on France
1679   New Hampshire becomes a county Massachusetts Bay Colony
1739   Turkey & Austria sign peace treaty-Austria cedes Belgrade to Turks
1755   Ft Ticonderoga, NY opens
1759   Battle of Quebec ends, French surrender to British
1769   John Harris builds 1st spinet piano (US)
1789   1st loan is made to pay salaries of the presidents & Congress
1793   Pres Washington lays cornerstone of Capitol building
1809   Royal Opera House in London opens
1810   Chile declares independence from Spain (National Day)
1811   English expeditionary army conquerors Dutch Indies
1812   Fire in Moscow destroys 90% of houses & 1,000 churchs
1830   Horse beats 1st US made locomotive (near Baltimore)
1838   Anti-Corn Law League established by Richard Cobden
1842   1st edition of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, published
1846   Elizabeth Barrett & R Browning exchange last letters before eloping
1848   Baseball rules 1st baseman can tag base for out instead of runner
1849   De Kempenaer's Dutch govt resigns
1850   Congress passes Fugitive Slave Law as part of Compromise of 1850
1851   NY Times starts publishing (2› a copy)
1862   Confederate armies officially divide into corps
1862   General Read army pulls out of Antietam Creek Virginia
1864   Battle of Martinsburg WV
1873   Govt bond agent Jay Cooke & Co collapses, causing panic on Wall St
1881   Chicago Tribune reports on a televideo experiment
1882   Pacific Stock Exchange opens (as Local Security Board)
1888   Start of Sherlock Holmes adventure "Sign of Four" (BG)
1891   Harriet Maxwell Converse is 1st white woman to become an Indian chief
1895   Booker T Washington delivera "Atlanta Compromise" address
1895   D D Palmer of Davenport, Iowa, becomes 1st chiropractor
1897   Gustave Kecker/Hugh Martin's musical "Belle of NYC," premieres in NYC
1898   Lord Kitcheners ships reach Fashoda Sudan
1903   Phillie's Chick Fraser no-hits Chic Cubs, 10-0
1905   Electric tramline opens in Rotterdam
1908   Cleve Indian Bob "Dusty" Rhoades no-hits Boston, 2-1
1909   Largest paid baseball attendance (35,409), A's beat Tigers, 2-0 in Det
1910   25,000 demonstrate in Amsterdam for general male/female suffrage
1911   Britain's 1st twin-engine airplane (Short S.39) test flown
1911   Louis Napoleon Parker's "Disraeli," premieres in NYC
1914   Battle of Aisne ends with Germans beating French during WW I
1914   Gen von Hindenburgs named commander of German armies on Eastern Front
1914   Irish home rule bill receive Royal assent
1914   South African troops land in German South West Africa
1915   Boston Braves trounce St Louis Cardinals 20-1
1918   Battle of Megiddo (Palestine) starts
1919   Dutch 2nd Chamber accepts female suffrage
1919   Hurricane tides 16 feet above normal drown 280 along Gulf Coast
1922   2nd govt of Ruys de Beerenbrouck installed in Neth
1922   Browns George Sisler's 41-game hit streak is stopped by NY's Joe Bush
1922   Hungary admitted to League of Nations
1924   Govt routes 7 Provinces to Peking
1925   Bill Tilden wins 6th straight US tennis championship
1926   46th US Mens Tennis: Rene Lacoste beats Jean Borotra (64 60 64)
1926   Hurricane hits Miami, kills 250
1926   Jean Rene Lacoste wins US Tennis Open
1927   18 station CBS radio network begins, (WOR is NYC affiliate)
1928   Cards beat Phillies for 20th of 22 games in 1928
1928   Juan de la Cierva flies 1st helicopter above Channel
1929   Pirates loss to Braves & clinch NL pennant for the Cubs
1929   Preston Sturges' "Strictly Dishonorable," premieres in NYC
1930   Enterprise (US) beats Shamrock V (England) in 15th America's Cup
1930   NY Yankee pitcher Red Ruffing hits 2 HRs to beat St Louis Browns, 7-6
1930   Phila A's win AL championship for 2nd year in a row
1931   Japan takes Manchuria, renames it Manchukuo
1934   St Louis Brown Bobo Newsom loses no-hitter to Boston in 10, 2-1
1934   USSR admitted to League of Nations
1938   Chicago Bears beat Green Bay Packers 2-0
1938   Despite losing a double header, Yanks clinch pennant #10
1939   Polish govt of Moscicki flees to Romania
1940   19 German aircrafts shot down above England
1940   Elmer Harris' "Johnny Belinda," premieres in NYC
1940   Italian troops conquer Sidi Barrani
1942   Canadian Broadcasting Corporation authorized for radio service
1943   Cardinals clinch NL pennant
1943   Hitler orders deportation of Danish Jews (unsuccessful)
1944   British submarine Tradewind torpedoes Junyo Maru: 5,600 killed
1944   Eindhoven free (Lightly Day)
1944   US 266th division occupiers Brest Bretagne
1945   1000 whites walk out of Gary Ind schools to protest integration
1946   Joe Louis KOs Tami Mauriello in 1 for heavyweight boxing title
1947   National Security Act, passes
1947   USAF (US Air Force) forms
1948   "Hilarities (of 1949)" closes at Adelphi Theater NYC after 14 perfs
1948   Communist Madiun-uprising in Dutch Indies (Muso/Sjarifudin)
1948   Ralph J Bunche confirmed as acting UN mediator in Palestine
1949   Baseball major league record 4 grand slams hit
1950   Nakagawa Soen, Zen teacher, receives dharma transmission
1954   Cleveland Indians clinch AL pennant, beat Tigers (3-2)
1954   KTUL TV channel 8 in Tulsa, OK (ABC) begins broadcasting
1954   WLOS TV channel 13 in G'ville-Spartanburg, SC (ABC) 1st broadcast
1955   Marilynn Smith wins LPGA Mile High Golf Open
1955   Willie Mays hits record tying 9th HR at Ebbets Field (ties Joe Adcock)
1956   Mickey Mantle is 8th to hit 50 HRs in a seaon
1957   "Wagon Train" premieres
1957   Electric train joining in Amsterdam-Brussels
1959   Vanguard 3 launched into Earth orbit
1960   Mickey Wright wins LPGA Memphis Golf Open
1961   USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
1962   Bob Aspromonte sets NL 3rd baseman record of 57 cons errorless games
1962   Charlie Finley is denied permission to move A's to Dallas-Ft Worth
1962   Rwanda, Burundi, Jamaica & Trinidad admitted (105th-108th) to UN
1962   USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
1963   Final game at Polo Grounds, 1,752 see Phillies beat Mets 5-1
1963   USSR orders 58.5 million barrels of cereal from Australia
1964   Greek king Constantine II marries Danish princess Anne-Marie
1964   USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
1965   "Get Smart" premieres
1965   Mickey Mantle Day at Yankee Stadium: Mantle play his 2,000th game
1966   Mickey Wright wins LPGA Shirley Englehorn Golf Invitational
1967   Intrepid (US) beats Dame Pattie (Aust) in 21st America's Cup
1968   Ray Washburn (Cards) no-hits SF Giants 2-0
1969   Tiny Tim & Miss Vicky get engaged
1971   19th Ryder Cup: US beats Europe, 18«-13« at Old Warson CC Mo
1972   1st black NL umpire (Art Williams-Los Angeles vs San Diego)
1973   German FR & German DR admitted to UN
1974   Hurricane Fifi strikes Honduras with 110 mph winds, 5,000 die
1975   Heiress/bank robber Patricia Campbell Hearst captured by FBI in SF
1976   Cleve manager Frank Robinson last game as a player
1976   Dom Mintoff's Labour Party wins Malta election
1976   Rev Sun Myung Moon holds "God Bless America" convention
1976   Rock Music Award
1977   All 4 Kiss members release solo albums
1977   Brooks Robinson Night in Baltimore
1977   Courageous (US) sweeps Australia (Aust) in 24th America's Cup
1977   Joanne Carner/Judy Rankin wins LPGA National Team Golf Championship
1977   US Voyager I takes 1st space photograph of Earth & Moon together
1979   Bolshoi Ballet dancers Leonid & Valentina Kozlov defect
1979   Steven Lachs, appointed Calif's 1st admittedly gay judge
1979   The Who opens NYC concerts at MSG
1980   "Les Miserables," opens at Palais des Sports, Paris
1980   Royals Willie Wilson steals AL-record 28 consecutive base
1980   Soyuz 38 carries 2 cosmonauts (1 Cuban) to Salyut 6 space station
1982   Christian militia begin massacre of 600 Palestinians in Lebanon
1983   George Meegen completes 2,426d (19K mi) walk across Western Hemisphere
1983   Juli Inkster wins LPGA SAFECO Golf Classic
1983   Lebanese & Syrian army battle
1983   New Orleans Saints 1st OT victory; beating Chic Bears 34-31
1984   Joe Kittinger completes 1st solo balloon crossing of Atlantic
1984   Tigers clinch AL East championship (spent all year in 1st place)
1984   Tim Raines is 1st player with 4 consecutive 70-stolen-base seasons
1985   "Song & Dance" opens at Royale Theater NYC for 474 performances
1985   BBC Radio reports prime # 2^216091-1 found in Houston
1986   David Boon's 3rd Test cricket century, 122 v India at Madras
1987   Detroit Tiger Darrell Evans is 1st 40 year old to hit 30 HRs
1987   US & Russia sign accord to remove mid range missiles
1987   USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1988   Burma suspends its constitution
1988   Coup in Haiti
1988   Juli Inkster wins LPGA SAFECO Golf Classic
1989   Hurricane Hugo causes extensive damage in Puerto Rico
1990   500 lb 6' Hershey Kiss is displayed at 1 Times Square, NYC
1990   Atlanta is chosen to host 1996 (centennial) Summer Olympics
1991   John Hart becomes general manager of Cleveland Indians
1991   NCAA places Tenn on 2 yrs probation for football recruting violations
1991   Robert Helmick resigns as pres of US Olympic Committee
1991   Space shuttle STS 48 (Discovery 14) lands
1993   Kimberly Clarice Aiken (SC), 18, crowned 67th Miss America 1994
1993   LA Mighty Ducks play their 1st NHL pre-season game against Penguins
1993   Trailing 3-1 with 2 outs in 9th, time is called prior to Mike Stanley pop out, gets a 2nd chance, & Yanks rally to beat Boston
1994   1st Presidents Golf Cup: US beats Intl team 20-12 at Robert Jones Va
1994   Austrian conservative ™VP wins elections/extreme right gets 18.5%
1994   Deb Richard wins LPGA SAFECO Golf Classic
1994   Ken Burn's "Baseball" premieres on PBS
1994   Sweden social-democratic SPD wins parliamentary election
1995   Art Modell 1st meets (he claims) with Balt to move Browns
1995   Space shuttle STS-69 (Endeavour 9), lands
1996   Roger Clemens ties his own major league record with 20 strikeouts
1997   Seve Ballesteros & Nick Faldo elected to World Golf Hall of Fame
1997   Ted Turner gives $1 billion to UN

1574   Claudio Achillini, Italian lawyer/poet
1636   Pietro Sanmartini, composer
1684   Johann Gottfried Walther, Erfurt Germany, composer/Musicographer
1713   Jean Allamand, French theologist/natural philosopher
1733   George Read, US judge/signer (Declaration of Independence)
1750   Tomas de Iriarte, Spanish writer (Fabulas Literarias)
1752   Adrien-Marie Lagendre, mathematician, worked on elliptic integrals
1752   Johann Anton Sulzer, composer
1765   Oliver Holden, composer
1772   Martin-Pierre Dalvimare, composer
1779   Joseph Story, Mass, 19th Supreme Court justice (1812-45)
1786   Justinus AC Kerner, German family doctor/poet/writer
1787   Johann D Passavant, German historian/painter/graphic artist
1805   Robert Cowdin, Brig General (Union volunteers), died in 1874
1815   Henry Constantine Wayne, Brig General (Confederate Army)
1818   Marcellus Augustus Stovall, Brig General (Confederate Army)
1838   Anton Mauve, painter/graphic artist/cousin of Vincent Van Gogh
1860   Alberto Franchetti, composer
1863   Hermann Kutter, Swiss Christ-social theologist
1870   Clark Wissler, anthropologist (American Indian)
1874   Johannes Anker Larsen, Danish writer (Vises Sten)
1876   Milan Rakic, Serbian poet (Pesme)
1877   Jozef de Voght, Flemish priest/songwriter (Under the Snow)
1883   Lord Berners, [Gerald Tyrwhitt], England, composer (1st Childhood)
1885   Abdul Muslim Mahomayev, composer
1890   Vladimir Ambros, composer
1893   Arthur Benjamin, Sydney Australia, composer (Jamaican Rumba)
1893   Frederic Mar‚s, Spanish sculptor
1893   William March, [Campbell], US, writer (Company K)
1895   John G Diefenbaker, Neustadt Ontario, 13th Canadian PM (C) (1957-63)
1897   John Mens, writer (People Without Money)
1897   Pablo Sorozabal Marialcurrena, composer
1901   Harold Clurman, producer/director (Deadline at Dawn)
1905   Agnes De Mille, NYC, choreographer (Oklahoma)
1905   Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, Oakland Calif, actor (Jack Benny Show)
1905   Greta Garbo, Stockholm, actress (Ninotchka, Grand Hotel, Camille)
1906   Semjon I Kirsanov, Ukrainian poet (Semj Dnej Nedeli) [OS=Sept 5]
1907   Edwin M McMillan, US, physicist/discoverer plutonium (Nobel prize)
1908   Viktor A Ambartsoemjan, Russian astronomer (Stalin Prize 1946, 50)
1910   Henri A Cornelis, gov-general Belgian Congo/Rwanda-Urundi
1910   Josef Tal, composer
1910   Leon Stein, composer
1915   Hetta Empson, artist
1915   Ronald Ogden, engineer
1916   John J Rhodes, (Rep-R-Az)
1916   Rossano Brazzi, Bolognia Italy, actor/director (Antaeus-Survivors)
1917   Alan Ande Anderson, opera director
1917   Gerrit Borgers, literature
1918   John Berger, politician
1920   Jack Warden, Newark NJ, actor (NYPD, Crazy Like a Fox, Norby)
1923   J T Mellema, Boer politician (CHU)
1924   Zelda Fichandler, Boston, theater director/producer (Raisin, K2)
1925   Harvey Haddix, baseball pitcher (pitched perfect game into 12th)
1926   Bud Greenspan, documentary maker (Olympic Games)
1928   Adam Walacinski, composer
1928   Phyllis Kirk, Syracuse NY, actress (Thin Man, Red Button's Show)
1929   June Rosemary Fisher, teacher/trade unionist
1929   Louis Myers, blues guitarist /harmonica player
1932   Jack Mullaney, Pitts Pa, actor (My Living Doll, It's About Time)
1932   Nikolai N Rukavishnikov, Siberia, cosmonaut (Soyuz 10, 16, 33)
1932   Valery Viktorovich Ryumin, USSR, cosmonaut (Soyuz 25, 32/34, 35/37)
1933   Jimmie Rodgers, WA, singer/guitarist (Jimmie Rodgers Show, Honey Comb)
1933   Manfred Niehaus, composer
1933   Robert Blake, Nutley NJ, (Baretta, Little Rascals, Coast to Coast)
1933   Robert F Bennett, (Sen-R Utah)
1933   Roman Polanski, Paris France, director (Rosemary's Baby, Chinatown)
1933   Scotty Bowman, NHL player/coach (Mont Canadians)
1933   V L Ponomaryova, cosmonaut
1933   Valentina Leonidovna Ponomaryova, cosmonaut (Vostok 6 backup)
1937   Norman Dinnerstein, composer
1939   Bob Whittaker, (Rep-R-KS, 1979- )
1939   Fred Willard, Ohio, comedian (Fernwood 2 Night, Real People)
1939   Naresh Kumar Sohal, composer
1940   Frankie Avalon, Phila, actor (Beach movies)/singer (Venus)
1941   Clive Burton, neuropathologist
1941   Haflidi Magnus Hallgrimmson, composer
1941   Mariangela Melato, Milan Italy, actress (Flash Gordon, Summer Night)
1942   Koos van den Berg, Dutch MP (SGP)
1943   Michael Vetter, composer
1944   Charles Lacy Veach, Chicago Illinois, astronaut (STS 39, STS 52)
1944   Michael Franks, rocker
1946   Alan "Bam" King, rocker
1947   Hans Vermeulen, singer/guitarist (Sandy Coast)
1949   Jim McCrery, (Rep-R-Louisiana)
1949   Kerry Livgren, Kansas, rock guitarist (Kansas)
1950   Helene Weijel, author (In the Street Without a Coat)
1950   Mike Hossack, Patterson NJ, rock drummer (Doobie Brothers)
1951   Dee Dee Ramone, Virg, [Douglas Colvin], rock bassist (Ramones)
1954   Murtaza Bhutto, politician
1954   Takao Doi, Tokyo Japan, astronaut (STS 87)
1955   Jeana Tomasino, Milwaukee Wis, playmate (Nov, 1980)
1958   Lita Rossana Ford, London England, metal guitarist (Kiss Me Deadly)
1959   Ryne Sandberg, Spokane WA, infielder (Chic Cubs)
1960   Kim Wilde, [Kim Smith], Chiswick England, vocalist
1961   Jensen Buchanan, Montgomery Ala, actress (Vicky/Marley-Another World)
1961   Sharon Barrett, San Diego, LPGA golfer (1993 Nabisco Dinah Shore-22nd)
1962   Joanne Catherall, Sheffield England, rock vocalist (Human League)
1963   Rich Weiss, Munich Germany, US slalom single kayak (Olympics-6th-96)
1964   Holly Robinson, Phila, actress (21 Jump Street)
1964   Marco Masini, Italian entertainer
1965   Monique Klemann, singer (Lo‹s Lane)
1966   Isabelle Demongeot, Gassin France, tennis star
1966   Spike, guitarist (Ian Spice Breathe, Flash Cadillac) [or Feb 4]
1967   Ricky Bell, Boston Mass, rock vocalist (New Edition, Bell Biv Devoe)
1967   Tara Fitzgerald, Sussex England, actress (Siren)
1968   Toni Kukoc, NBA forward (Chicago Bulls)
1969   Robert Coons, NFL tight end (Buffalo Bills)
1970   Everett Lindsay, NFL guard/center (Minn Vikings)
1970   Gary Rogers, CFL linebacker (Saskatchewan Roughriders)
1970   Michela Rocco, Udine Italy, Miss Italy (1987)
1970   Mike Compton, NFL center/guard (Detroit Lions)
1971   Jada Pinkett, actress (Jason's Lyric, Menace II Society)
1971   Kate Starre, Armadale Australia, field hockey utility (Olympics-96)
1971   Lance Armstrong, Plano Texas, road cyclist (Olympics-6th-92, 96)
1971   Oleg Ladik, Kiev Ukraine, Canadian 100 kg freestyle wrestler (Oly-96)
1971   Ron Childs, NFL linebacker (NO Saints)
1972   Fran‡ois Gesthuizen, soccer player (PSV, NAC)
1972   Michael Landes, actor (American Summer)
1972   Richard Huntley, NFL running back (Atlanta Falcons)
1978   Shelly Moore, Miss Teen USA (Tennessee, 1997)

31   Sejanus, Roman head of praetorisch guard, executed
96   Domitian, Roman emperor, dies
993   Arnulf vanf Gent, Westfries earl (988-93), dies in battle
1137   Erik II Eimune, [Onvergetelijke], king of Denmark (1134-37), murdered
1180   Louis VII, King of France, dies
1261   Koenraad van Hochstaden, archbishop of Cologne, dies
1426   Hubert [Huybrecht] van Eyck, painter, dies
1684   Jan A "Joannes" Antonides van der Goes, poet (Ystroom), dies at 37
1721   Matthew Prior, poet/diplomat, dies
1735   Justus van Effen, writer/founder (Holland Spectator), dies at 51
1759   James Wolfe & the French commander Louis Montcalm, killed
1775   Andrew Foulis, bookseller/printer, dies
1783   Leonhard Euler, mathematician, dies
1792   Gottlieb August Spangenberg, founder (Moravian Church in Amer), dies
1797   Louis-Lazare Hoche, French revolutionary general, dies
1818   Olaf Swaertz, botanist, dies
1827   Robert Pollok, poet, dies
1830   William Hazlitt, critic/essayist, dies
1831   Peter Hansel, composer, dies at 60
1857   Karol Kazimierz Kurpinski, composer, dies at 72
1860   Casimiro de Abreu, Brazilians poet (Primaveras), dies
1860   Joseph Locke, railway engineer, dies
1872   Charles XV Louis E, king of Sweden/Norway (1859-72), dies
1890   Dion Boucicault, Irish/US actor/playwright (Octoroon), dies at 67
1894   Rafael N£¤ez, president (Colombia)/writer (La fonolgia Moderna), dies
1896   Armand-Hippolyte-Louis Fizeau, physicist, dies
1903   Isidor Vorobchievici, composer, dies at 67
1903   Theodore Furchtegott Kirchner, composer, dies at 79
1904   Herbert von Bismarck, German politician/son of Otto, dies
1905   George MacDonald, sci-fi author (Princess & Curdie), dies at 80
1911   Pjotr A Stolypin, premier Russia (1906-11), murdered at 49 [NS=Oct 1]
1918   Ernest Bristow Farrar, composer, dies at 33
1924   Francis Herbert Bradley, British philosopher (neo-idealism), dies
1929   Hermann Gradener, composer, dies at 85
1934   Marie Shotwell, actress (Sally of the Sawdust), dies at 54
1944   Anthony Stefanich, British boxer/captain, killed in Arnhem
1944   Hendrikus Colijn, Dutch premier (1933-39), dies at 75
1944   Hubert Ahaus, chaplin (Godsrijk), dies at 67
1944   Paul Gr„bner, German SS-captain, dies in battle in Arnhem
1944   Peter Waddy, British major 1st Para Brigade, dies in battle in Arnhem
1944   Robert Cole, US lt-colonel, dies in battle at Best
1949   Frank Morgan, actor (Annie Get Your Gun, Wizard of Oz), dies at 59
1949   Theodor Z”ckler, German theologist (Jodenzending), dies at 82
1951   John Douglas Cockcroft, physicist, dies
1952   Hippoliet Daeye, Flemish painter (Dreamy), dies
1952   Maria Matos, Portuguese actress (Menina da R dio), dies at 61
1960   A J Evans, cricketer (only England Test v Aus 1921), dies
1961   Dag Hammarskj”ld, UN Sect Gen, dies in an air crash over Congo at 56
1962   Therese Neumann, German stigma, dies at 64
1964   Sean O'Casey, Irish playwright (Playboy of Western World), dies at 84
1966   Fernand Lamy, composer, dies at 85
1966   Jeno Vecsey, composer, dies at 57
1968   Franchot Tone, actor (Advise & Consent, Dark Waters), dies at 63
1968   Francis McDonald, actor (Will-Adv of Champion), dies at 77
1968   Willem Kooiman, Dutch theologist/church historian, dies at 65
1969   Rudolph Wagner-Regeny, composer, dies at 66
1970   Jimi Hendrix, rock guitarist (Purple Hayes), dies of an overdose at 27
1973   Nora Nicholson, actress (Blue Lagoon, Crow Hollow), dies at 80
1973   Th‚o LefŠvre, premier Belgium, dies
1974   Edna Best, actress (Key, Calendar, Escape), dies at 74
1975   Pamela Brown, actress (Cleopatra, Beckett, Night Digger), dies at 58
1979   Gene Kelly, sportscaster (Sportsreel), dies at 60
1980   K A Porter, writer, dies at 90
1994   Franco Moschino, Italian fashion designer, dies at 44
1994   Vitas Gerulaitis, tennis star (Davis Cup 1979), dies at 40
1995   Donald Alfred Davie, poet/critic, dies at 73
1995   Doreen Cannon, teacher of acting (London), dies at 64
1995   Lesley Sunderland, decorative artist, dies at 47
1996   Spiro Theodore Agnew, US VP (1969-73), dies at 77
1997   Harry Brian Boyne, journalist, dies at 87
1997   Jimmy Witherspoon, singer, dies at 65

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