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1227   Count Ugolino of Segna elected Pope Gregory IX
1452   Frederick III of Hapsburg crowned Roman German Emperor
1524   Giovanni de Varrazano of France sights land around area of Carolinas
1540   Court of Holland names Amsterdam sheriff John Hubrechtsz a "heretic"
1563   Peace of Amboise: Rights for Huguenots
1571   Spanish troops occupy Manila
1628   Massachusetts colony founded by Englishmen
1644   200 members of Peking imperial family/court commit suicide
1682   Nationally Council accept independence of French church
1702   James II's daughter Anne Stuart becomes queen of England
1748   English Naturalization Act passes granting Jews right to colonize US
1775   4 people buried by avalanche for 37 days, 3 survive (Italy)
1775   Poland & Prussia sign trade agreement
1799   Joseph Haydn's "Die Sch”pfung," premieres in Vienna
1803   Johann von Schillers "Die Braut von Messina," premieres in Weimar
1822   Boston, Mass incorporated as a city
1831   1st US bank robbery (City Bank, NY/$245,000)
1859   Opera "Faust" by Charles Gounod premieres in Paris
1864   Opera "Mireille" premieres in Paris
1865   Battle of Bentonville-Confederates retreat from Greenville NC
1866   Immigrant ship Monarch of the Seas sinks in Liverpool; 738 die
1870   The opera "Guarany," premieres in Milan
1877   Australia beat England by 45 runs in very 1st Test match
1883   Jan Matzeliger invents 1st machine to manufacture entire shoes
1885   Louis Riel returns to Canada, proclaims provisional govt, Sask
1892   3 brothers Hearne play in same Test Cricket Eng v SA (Cape Town)
1895   Los Angeles Railway established to provide streetcar service
1897   Yale defeated Penn, 30-10 in 1st major college basketball game
1906   Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari's "Quattro Rusteghi," premieres in Munich
1907   18.8 cm precipitation at Lewer's Ranch, Nevada (state record)
1914   Stanley Cup: Tor Blueshirts (NHA) sweep Vict Capitals (PCHA) in 3 game
1915   Pluto photographed for 1st time (although unknown at the time)
1917   US Supreme Court upheld 8-hr work day for railroad employees
1918   Congress authorizes time zones & approves daylight saving time
1918   S Potter becomes 1st US pilot to shoot down a German seaplane
1920   US Senate rejects Treaty of Versailles for 2nd time refusing to ratify League of Nations' covenant (maintaining isolation polic
1925   Angelo G Roncalli (Pope John XXIII) becomes a bishop
1927   Bloody battles between communists & nazis in Berlin
1928   "Amos & Andy" debuts on radio (NBC Blue Network-WMAQ Chicago)
1930   Nakagawa Soen accepted as a student of Katsube Keigaku Roshi
1931   Nevada legalizes gambling
1937   Pope Pius XI publishes encyclical Divini redemptoris against communism
1938   Toronto Maple Leafs score 8 goals in 5 minutes
1940   Failed British air raid on German base at Sylt
1940   French govt of Daladier, falls
1941   Jimmy Dorsey & Orch record "Green Eyes" & "Maria Elena"
1942   FDR orders men between 45 & 64 to register for non military duty
1942   Thoroughbred Racing Assn of US formed in Chicago
1943   Airship Canadian Star torpedoed & sinks
1944   Tippett's oratorium "Child of Our Time," premieres in London
1945   800 killed as Kamikaze attacked USS Franklin off Japan
1945   Adolf Hitler issues Nero Decree: destruction of German facilities
1945   British 36th division conquers Mogok (ruby mine)
1945   Hitler orders all German factories destroyed
1945   US Task Force 58 attacks ships near Kobe/Kure
1946   Fr Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique & R‚union become overseas depts
1946   Nicolai Schwernik succeeds Kalinin as president of USSR
1947   Belgian govt of Spaak, forms
1947   Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek conquers Jenan
1948   Lee Savold KOs Gino Buonvino in 54 seconds at MSG, NYC
1949   1st museum devoted exclusively to atomic energy, Oak Ridge, Tn
1950   5th US Women's Open Golf Championship won by Babe Didrikson-Zaharias
1950   City College of NY defeats Bradley to win the NIT
1951   Herman Wouk's "Caine Mutiny," published
1953   25th Academy Awards - "Greatest Show on Earth," Gary Cooper & Shirley Booth win (1st time televised)
1953   Tennessee Williams' "Camino Real," premieres in NYC
1954   1st color telecast of a prize fight, Giardello vs Troy in MSG, NYC
1954   1st rocket-driven sled on rails was tested in Alamogordo, NM
1954   US Ladies Figure Skating championship won by Tenley Albright
1954   US Mens Figure Skating championship won by Hayes A Jenkins
1954   Weekes, Worrell & Walcott complete tons in innings v England
1955   17th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: SF beats La Salle 77-63
1956   Biggest NBA margin of victory - Minn Lakers-133, St Louis Hawks-75
1957   Indians reject Boston's offer of $1 million for Herb Score
1958   Britain's 1st planetarium opens at Madame Tussaud's in London
1958   Sobers completes a century in each innings v Pakistan
1959   "1st Impressions" opens at Alvin Theater NYC for 84 performances
1960   "Redhead" closes at 46th St Theater NYC after 455 performances
1960   22nd NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Ohio State beats Calif 75-55
1962   "All American" opens at Winter Garden Theater NYC for 80 performances
1962   Archbishop Suenens of Mechelen-Brussels appointed cardinal
1964   Sean Connery's 1st day of shooting on "Goldfinger"
1965   Indonesia nationalizes all foreign oil companies
1965   Rembrandt's "Titus" sells for then record Ÿ7,770,000
1965   Stoica becomes president & Ceausescu party leader of Romania
1966   "Pousse Cafe" closes at 46th St Theater NYC after 3 performances
1966   28th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Texas Western beats Ky 72-65
1966   Belgium government of Vanden Boeynants begins
1967   Fr Somaliland (Djibouti) votes to continue association with France
1967   Marilynn Smith wins LPGA St Petersburg Orange Golf Classic
1968   Howard University students seize administration building
1969   British invade Anguilla
1969   Chicago 8 indicted in aftermath of Chicago Democratic convention
1970   W German chancellor & E German premier Willy Brandt meet
1971   Phila 76ers outscore Cincinnati Royals 90-8 in 1 half
1972   "To Live Another Summer" closes at Helen Hayes NYC after 173 perfs
1972   Carol Mann wins LPGA Orange Blossom Golf Classic
1972   India & Bangladesh sign friendship treaty
1972   LA Lakers beat Golden State Warriors, 162-99, by then record 63 pts
1973   Dean tells Nixon, "There is a cancer growing on the Presidency"
1974   Jefferson Starship begins their 1st tour
1975   "Dr Jazz" opens at Winter Garden Theater NYC for 5 performances
1975   Penn is 1st state to allow girls to compete with boys in HS sports
1976   Princess Margaret separates from the Earl of Snowdon, after 16 years
1977   "Side by Side by Sondheim" closes at Music Box NYC after 390 perfs
1977   France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
1977   Jevgeni Kulikov skates world record 1000m (1:15.33)
1978   50,000 demonstrate in Amsterdam against neutron bomb
1978   Sally Little wins LPGA Kathryn Crosby/Honda Civic Golf Classic
1979   House of Reps begins live TV broadcasts via C-SPAN
1981   -21] Emmy 8th Daytime Awards - Susan Lucci loses for 2nd time
1981   2 workers killed in space shuttle Columbia accident
1981   Buffalo Sabres beat Toronto Maple Leafs 14-4
1982   National Guard jet tanker crashes killing 27
1984   "Kate & Allie," premieres
1984   John J O'Connor named 8th archbishop of NY
1984   KSD-AM in St Louis MO changes call letters to KUSA
1984   Mobil oil tanker spills 200,000 gallons into Columbia River
1984   Pitcher Denny McLain, indicted on various charges of racketeering
1984   STS 41-C vehicle moves to launch pad
1985   "Spin Magazine" begins publishing
1985   NSW wins cricket Sheffield Shield by beating Queensland by 1 wicket
1985   Senate votes 55-45, to authorize production of the MX missile
1987   Bonnie Blair skates ladies world record 500 m (39.43 sec)
1987   Fred Currey acquires Greyhound Bus Company
1987   Hassanali inaugurated as president of Trinidad & Tobago
1987   PTL leader Jim Bakker resigns after sex scandal with Jessica Hahn
1987   Yvonne van Gennip skates ladies world record 3 km (4:16.85)
1988   2 British soldiers lynched in Belfast North Ireland
1988   Yvonne van Gennip skates un-official world record 10 km (15:25.25)
1989   Boeing B-22 Osprey VTOL aircraft makes maiden flight
1989   Ice Dance Championship at Paris won by M Klimova & S Ponomarenko (USR)
1989   Ice Pairs Championship at Paris won by E Gordeeva & S Grinkov (USSR)
1989   Lori Garbacz wins Circle K LPGA Golf Open Tucson
1989   Men's Figure Skating Championship in Paris won by Kurt Browning (CAN)
1989   Worlds Ladies Figure Skating Champ in Paris won by Midori Ito (Japan)
1990   1st world ice hockey tournament for women held (Ottawa)
1991   KC Royals announce they are putting Bo Jackson on waivers
1991   NFL owners strip Phoenix of 1993 Super Bowl game due to Arizona Not recognizing Martin Luther King Day
1991   Sacramento Kings set NBA record of 29 consecutive road loses
1991   St Louis Blue Brett Hull is 3rd NHLer to score 80 goals in a season
1992   "Master Builder" opens at Belasco Theater NYC for 45 performances
1992   British Prince Andrew & Princess Sarah Ferguson announce separation
1993   Ice Dance Championship at Prague won by M Usova & A Zhulin (RUS)
1993   Ice Pairs Championship at Prague won by I Brasseur & L Eisler (CAN)
1993   Supreme Court Justice Byron R White announced plans to retire
1994   2500 kilograms of cocaine intercepted in Zeewolde Neth
1994   Lara scores 167 for WI v England at Georgetown
1994   Largest omelet (1,383ý ft) made with 160,000 eggs in Yokohama Japan
1994   NJ Devils club record 41st win of the season
1995   "Translations" opens at Plymouth Theater NYC for 25 performances
1995   "Uncle Vanya" closes at Circle in Sq Theater NYC after 29 performances
1995   5 die by poison gas in Japanese subway
1995   Arizona outside of Phoenix begins using new area code 520
1995   Bonnie Blair skates female world record point total (156.450)
1995   Finland Social-Democratic Party wins parliamentary election
1995   Laura Davis wins LPGA Standard Register PING Golf Tournament
1995   Michael Jordan rejoins Chic Bulls after 17 months, beats Pacers
1995   NBA NY Knicks beat NY Nets in 100th meeting (Knicks 53 Nets 47)
1995   Neil Marshall skates world record 3 km (3:54.08)
1996   Winnie Mandela divorces Nelson after 38 years of marrage
1997   Ice Pairs won by Mandy Woetzel & Ingo Steuer (GER)
1997   Major League Baseball announces 5 year/$50M deal with Pepsi
1997   Supreme Court hears Internet indecency arguments
1998   "Ah Wilderness!," opens at Vivian Beaumont theater

1503   Benedetto Varchi, Ital humanist/historian (Storia Fiorentina)
1589   William Bradford, gov of Plymouth colony for 30 years (baptized)
1593   Georges de la Tour, French painter
1601   Alonzo Cano, Spanish painter/sculptor (Cathedral Granada)
1604   Johan IV, composer/king of Portugal (1640-56)
1610   Hasegawa Tohaku, Japanese painter
1629   Aleksei M Romanov, 1st Romanov tsar of Russia
1673   Pedro Vaz Rego, composer
1715   Charles-Joseph van Helmont, composer
1716   Guillaume Coustou Jr, French sculptor (Mausol‚e du Dauphin)
1721   Tobias Smollett, Scottish writer, baptized
1728   Pieter-Jozef Verhaghen, Flemish (court)painter
1734   Thomas McKean, US attorney (signed Decl of Independence) [or Apr 19]
1740   Johann Georg Roser, composer
1740   Joseph F Weigl, German/Austrian(?), violin cellist
1742   Zacharias H Alewijn, Dutch literary/poet
1745   Nicolas Sejan, composer
1752   Jose Mauricio, composer
1767   Leonhard von Call, composer
1777   Anton R Falck, Dutch minister of Education/diplomat
1785   Pierre-Joseph-Guillaume Zimmermann, composer
1809   Fredrik Pacius, composer
1813   David Livingstone, Scotland, explorer (found by Stanley in Africa)
1816   Johannes Josephus Hermanus Verhulst, composer
1817   Lewis Henry Little, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1862
1819   David Henry Williams, Brig General (Union volunteers), died in 1891
1821   Francis Barretto Spinola, Brig General (Union volunteers)
1821   Richard Burton, explorer/translator (Arabian Nights)
1821   William Allingham, Irish poet (Laurence Bloomfield in Ireland)
1823   Cornelis A van Sypesteyn, Dutch governor of Surinam (1873-82)
1827   Alexander Shaler, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1911
1837   Robert Daniel Johnston, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1919
1844   Ulrika "Minna" Cant-Johnstown, Finnish playwright (Kovan onnen lapsia)
1845   Willem H de Beaufort, Dutch historian/politician
1847   Constantin Dimitrescu, composer
1848   Wyatt Earp, Monmouth Ill, sheriff (OK Corral)
1851   Roque S enz Pe¤a, pres of Argentina (1910-14)
1860   William Jennings Bryan, "The Great Commoner" orator/statesman
1871   Joseph McGinnity, Rock Island Ill, baseball pitcher (NY Giants)
1871   Schofield Haigh, cricketer ("Sunshine of the Yorkshire 11")
1872   Sergei Diaghilev, Gruzino Novgorod Russia, ballet director
1873   Max Reger, Brand Bavaria, composer/pianist/prof (Leipzig Univ)
1874   Arthur Hoyt, Georgetown CO, actor (Gold Dust Gertie, Goldie Get Along)
1879   Joseph Haas, German (opera)composer (Tobias Wunderlich)
1882   Gaston Lachaise, US sculptor (Standing Woman)
1883   Josef Matthais Hauer, composer
1883   Joseph W Stilwell, US general (China)
1888   Josef Albers, German/US graphic artist/painter/writer (Bauhaus)
1889   Manoel II, last king of Portugal (1908-10)
1891   Earl Warren, Ca, (Gov-R-Ca)/14th supreme court chief justice (1953-69)
1892   Robert Denzler, composer
1892   Siegfried T Bok, neurobiologist/anatomist (Cybernetica)
1894   Jackie "Moms" Mabley, Brevard SC, comedienne (Merv Griffin Show)
1897   Betty Compson, Beaver UT, actress (Millionaire Kid, Mad Youth)
1897   L O'Flaherty, writer
1900   Roy Roberts, Tampa Fla, actor (Petticoat Junction, Lucy Show)
1900   [Jean] Fr‚d‚ric Joliot-Curie, French physicist (Nobel 1935)
1901   Gerrit Jan van Heuven Goedhart, Dutch Min of Justice (Nobel 1954)
1901   Jo Mielziner, Paris, set designer (Carousel, Death of a Salesman)
1903   Benjamin M Telders, president of Dutch Liberal States Party
1903   James Bullock, colliery manager
1904   John J Sirica, US federal judge (Watergate hearings)
1904   Tadeusz Zygfryd Kassern, composer
1905   Albert Speer, German architect/minister of Armament (NSDAP)
1906   Adolf Eichmann, Ruhr Germany, Nazi Gestapo officer
1906   Normand Lockwood, composer
1907   Cor Treslem, [Cornelis L Melsert], actor/director (Willem van Oranje)
1907   Elizabeh LeFanu Maconochy, composer
1907   Kent Smith, NYC, actor (Peyton Place, Invaders)
1907   Marc Vaubourgoin, composer
1907   Nakagawa Soen, Formosa, Zen teacher (Rinzai line)
1909   Louis Hayward, Johannesburg S Africa, actor (Lone Wolf, Survivors)
1910   Sergei Nikolayevich Anokhin, cosmonaut
1911   Kenneth Robinson, politician/businessman
1912   Adolf Galland, fighter Pilot
1912   Russ Case, Hamburg Iowa, orch leader (Julius La Rosa Show)
1913   William Chatterton, cricketer (48 in only Test for England 1892)
1914   J Jay Berwanger, 1st Heisman Trophy winner (1935)
1914   Patricia Morison, actress (Peyton Place, Dressed to Kill)
1915   Norman Yardley, English cricket captain (late 40's)
1916   Irving Wallace, author (People's Almanac, The Man) [or Mar 18]
1917   Dino Lipatti, composer
1919   Cornelis Berkhouwer, Member of 2nd chamber (Dutch Liberal Party)
1923   Janine Dacosta, French pianist
1923   Tige Andrews, Bkln, actor (Capt Adam Greer-Mod Squad)
1925   Brent Scowcroft, Ogden Utah, Lt Gen (USAF)/National Security Council
1927   Richie Ashburn, baseball infielder (Phila Phillies)/sportscaster
1928   Clive Van Ryneveld, cricketer (South African all-rounder 1951-58)
1928   Patrick McGoohan, Astoria NY, actor (#6-Prisoner, Secret Agent)
1929   Herman van San, composer
1929   Michael Ryan, actor (John Randolph-Another World)
1929   Robert Muczynski, composer
1930   Bill Henderson, Chic Ill, jazz singer (Torpedo-Dreams)
1930   Ornette Coleman, jazz composer (Downbeat Musician of Year 1966)
1931   Bill Hoskyns, England, ‚p‚e fencer (Olympic-silver-1964)
1932   Gay Robert Brewer, Middletwon OH, PGA golfer (1972 Canadian)
1933   Philip Roth, Newark, novelist (Goodbye Columbus, Portnoy's Complaint)
1934   B”rge Andersen, Denmark, Danish Chess Champion (1967, 68)
1935   Burt Metcalfe, Saskatchewan Canada, actor/dir (Father of the Bride)
1935   Phyllis Newman, Jersey City NJ, actress (Coming of Age, TW3)
1935   Renee Taylor, NYC, actress (Jack Paar Show, Mary Hartman, Nanny)
1936   Amancio D'Silva, musician
1936   Ursula Andress, Berne Switzerland, actress (She, Sensuous Nurse)
1937   Clarence "Frogman" Henry, musician (You Always Hurt the One You Love)
1939   Abbas Ali Baig, cricketer (Indian bat 112 on debut v England 1959)
1939   Joe Kapp, NFL QB (Minn Vikings, Boston Patriots, Houston Oilers)
1941   Lord Vestey, British food magnate/billionaire (Union International)
1942   David Minge, (Rep-D-Minnesota)
1942   Jeff Neighbour, US bassist (Joy of Cooking)
1942   Robin Luke, rocker (Susie Darlin')
1942   Ross Valory, rocker (Journey)
1944   Joseph Celli, composer
1944   Lynda Bird Johnson Robb, LBJ's daughter
1944   Myung-Wha Chung, Seoul Korea, cellist (Chung Sisters)
1945   Lisa Nicole Baker, Detroit TX, playmate of the year (Nov 1966)
1946   Bigas Luna, director/writer (Anguish)
1946   Mohammad Ilyas, cricketer (Pakistani batsman in ten Tests 1964-69)
1946   Paul Atkinson, rock guitarist (Zombies-Never Even Thought)
1946   Ruth Pointer, singer (Pointer Sisters-I'm So Exicted)
1947   Earlie Fires, jockey (Hialeah Park)
1947   Glenn Close, Greenwich Ct, actress (The Big Chill, Fatal Attraction)
1947   John Beckwith, English real estate developer/multi-millionaire
1947   Vince Martino, Schenectady NY, WLAF offensive asst (Barcelona Dragons)
1948   Vintcent Van der Bijl, Natal cricket bowler (superb 2m of 70's & 80's)
1949   Denny Albee, Oklahoma City OK (Dr Janssen-One Life to Live)
1949   Denny Albee, Oklahoma City OK, actor (Dr Janssen-One Life to Live)
1952   Derek Longmuir, Edinburgh Scotland, rock drummer (Bay City Rollers)
1952   Warren Lees, NZ cricket wicket-keeper (late 70's)
1953   Billy Sheehan, rocker (Mr Big-Lean Into It)
1953   Hans Rinn, German DR, 2 man lugist (Olympic-gold-1976, 80)
1953   Ricky Wilson, Athens Ga, rock guitarist (B-52's-Love Shack)
1954   Charles Pinnell, horse trainer
1955   Bruce Willis, Penna Grove NJ, actor (Moonlighting, Die Hard)
1956   Alina Castro, Havanna Cuba, daughter of Fidel
1957   Blake Passey, horse trainer
1959   Shelley Burch, Tucson Az, actress (One Life to Live, Identity Crisis)
1959   Terry Hall, rocker (Colourfield-Animal Liberation)
1966   Paul Devenport, New Zealand, Canadian Tour golfer (1991 Texas Tour)
1968   Liam Jewell, Toronto Ontario, kayaker (Olympics-96)
1968   Tyrone Hill, NBA forward (Milwaukee Bucks)
1969   Arjan Vermeulen, soccer player (Vitesse)
1969   Michael Bergin, model (Coca Cola)/actor
1969   Scott Alexander Brownlee, Hamilton NZ, rowing coxless 4 men (Oly-96)
1970   Errol Refos, soccer player (Feyenoord)
1970   Janne Laukenen, Lahti FIN, NHL defenseman (Finland Oly-B-98, Senators)
1970   Rick Mirer, NFL quarterback (Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears)
1970   Sean Fleming, CFL kicker (Edmonton Eskimos)
1971   Cory Fleming, NFL wide receiver (Dallas Cowboys)
1971   Dalton James, actor (My Father the Hero, Mark-Beverly Hills 90201)
1971   Kirk Botkin, NFL tight end (NO Saints, Pittsburgh Steelers)
1971   Louie Debrusk, Cambridge, NHL left wing (Edmonton Oilers)
1971   Marty Moore, NFL inside linebacker (NE Patriots)
1971   Taase Faumui, NFL defensive linebacker (Pitts Steelers)
1971   Whitney Hedgepeth, 100m/200m backstroke (Olympics-2 silver-96)
1972   Maria Maunder, St John's New Foundland, rower (Olympics-96)
1973   John Michels, NFL tackle (Green Bay Packers-Superbowl 31)
1974   Jennifer Lynn Drayton, Saginaw Michigan, Miss America-Michigan (1997)
1974   John Coppinger, El Paso TX, pitcher (Baltimore Orioles)
1975   Antonio Daniels, NBA guard (Vancouver Grizzlies)
1976   Rachel Blanchard, Toronto, actress (Cher Horowitz-Clueless)
1982   Che' Vonne Burton, Miss Michigan Teen USA (1997)
1992   Henry & Angus Bernsen, twin sons of Corbin Bernsen & Amanda Pays

1263   Hugo of St-Cher/a S Caro, French cardinal, dies
1556   Lieven van der Maude, [Ammonius], South Netherlands poet, dies at 70
1635   Pieter Christiaensz Bor, Dutch historian, dies
1638   Paul Moreelse, Dutch painter/master builder, dies at about 66
1644   Si Sang, last Ming-emperor of China, commits suicide
1687   Rene-Robert Cavelier La Salle, Fren explorer (Louisiana), killed at 43
1702   Willem III Henry, [Dutch William], king of England/Scot, dies at 51
1721   Clement XI, [Giovanni F Albani], Italian Pope (1700-21), dies at 71
1782   Adrien Trudo Sale, composer, dies at 59
1782   Louis-Henry Paisible, composer, dies at 33
1796   Stephen Storace, composer, dies at 33
1797   Philip Hayes, composer, dies at 58
1811   Frantisek Adam Mica, composer, dies at 65
1845   George Augustus Kollmann, composer, dies at 56
1850   Adalbert Gyrowetz, composer, dies at 87
1862   F Wilhelm von Schadow, German painter (Modern Vasari), dies at 73
1866   Louis Clapisson, composer, dies at 57
1869   Guillaume Nerenburger, Belgian general (triangulatie), dies at 64
1876   Jozef Stefani, composer, dies at 75
1884   Alfonse Charles Renaud de Vilback, composer, dies at 54
1893   Karel Komzak, composer, dies at 69
1897   Antoine T d'Abbadie, French explorer (Ethiopia), dies at 87
1898   Joao da Cruz, Brazilian poet, dies at 26
1905   Makar Grigori Ekmalyan, composer, dies at 49
1907   Thomas Bailey Aldrich, US writer (Stillwater Tragedy), dies at 70
1913   John Thomas, composer, dies at 87
1918   Willem H de Beaufort, Dutch historian/liberal politician, dies at 73
1924   Charles Villiers Stanford, Irish composer/author, dies at 71
1930   Arthur J Balfour, British theologist/premier (1902-05), dies at 81
1934   Anthony J Block, lawyer (Dutch strafproces), dies at 66
1936   John Larkin IV, actor/writer (Charlie Chan in Panama), dies at 63
1937   Horacio Quiroga, Uruguayan author/poet, commits suicide at 58
1940   Gustaaf Sap, Belgian minister of Economic Affairs, dies at 54
1943   Vicente Ripolles, composer, dies at 75
1945   Fritz Fromm, German supreme commander of Reserve army, executed
1946   Amir Hamzah, Indonesian poet (Buah Rindu), dies at 35
1947   Willem F J Pijper, Dutch composer/critic, dies at 52
1950   Edgar Rice Burroughs, sci-fi author (Tarzan of the Apes), dies at 74
1951   H Zur Mhlen, writer, dies
1954   Walter Braunfels, composer, dies at 71
1958   Vernon Ransford, cricketer (20 Tests for Australia, 1211 runs), dies
1961   Edric Cundell, composer, dies at 68
1969   Theodor Schaefer, composer, dies at 65
1971   Jan Greshoff, Dutch poet/author/journalist (Last Things), dies at 82
1971   Mary Dorna, Dutch author, dies at 79
1974   Anne Klien, fashion designer, dies at 51
1974   Edward Platt, actor (Chief-Get Smart), dies at 58
1974   Hertha Kuusinen, Finnish communist/daughter of Otto K, dies at 70
1975   John A DeMott, dies at 63
1976   George Sklavos, composer, dies at 87
1976   Paul Kossoff, rock guitarist (Free), dies of heart failure at 25
1979   Al Hodge, actor (Capt Video), dies at 65
1979   Richard Beckinsale, actor (Doing Time, Porridge, Lovers), dies at 31
1982   Randy Rhoads, heavy metal guitarist (Ozzy Osbourne), air crash at 25
1987   Arch Oboler, radio writer (Lights Out), dies at 77
1987   Emile Meyer, actor (Young Jesse James, Lineup), dies
1987   Louis Broglie, French physicist (Nobel 1929), dies at 94
1987   Tony Stratton-Smith, journalist/record co CEO (Charisma), dies at 53
1991   John Russell Thomas, NFL general manager (Detroit Lions), dies
1991   Ron Pagano, dies after lengthy illness at 37
1991   Sunday Wilshin, actor (Murder by Rope), dies at 86
1992   Cesare Danova, actor (Tentacles, Viva Las Vegas), dies at 66
1993   Barend P Tammeling, journalist (Trouw, Peek on the North), dies at 58
1993   Jeff Ward, drummer (9 Inch Nails), commits suicide at 30
1994   Giuseppe Diana, Italian anti-mafia priest, murdered
1994   Jose Coronel Urtecho, poet, dies at 87
1995   Fernand Lodewick, literature historian (Literature), dies at 85
1995   Gerard Tebroke, 5/10 km-dasher, dies at 45
1995   Kenneth Norman Joseph Loveless, priest folk musician, dies at 83
1996   Christopher John Magenis Headington, musician, dies at 65
1996   William Hutchinson Murray, mountaineer/author, dies at 83
1997   Willem De Kooning, artists (Abstract), dies of Alzheimer at 92

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