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1118   Alfonso van Arag¢n occupies Saragossa on Almoraviden
1352   Etienne Aubert elected as Pope Innocentius VI
1406   Anton van Bourgondi‰s becomes duke of Brabant
1603   Admiral Steven van der Haghens fleet departs to East-Indies
1621   English parliament accept unanimously, Protestation
1719   Thomas Fleet publishes "Mother Goose's Melodies For Children"
1774   Empress Maria Theresa expels Jews from Prague, Bohemia & Moravia
1777   1st national Thanksgiving Day, commemorating Burgoyne's surrender
1783   English king George III fires govt of Portland
1787   New Jersey becomes 3rd state to ratify constitution
1796   1st US newspaper to appear on Sunday (Baltimore Monitor)
1799   George Washington's body interred at Mount Vernon
1813   British take Ft Niagara in War of 1812
1832   Charles Darwins visits Vurland
1839   1st celestial photograph (of Moon) made in US, John Draper, NYC
1849   William Bond obtains 1st photograph of Moon through a telescope
1858   Passy, at Paris: 1st "Samedi soir" i/d villa of lovers Rossini
1859   South Carolina declared an "independent commonwealth"
1862   Battle at Lexington, Tennessee (Forrest's Second Raid)
1865   13th Amendment ratified, slavery abolished
1865   1st US cattle importation law passed
1869   Canada's Hamilton Foot Ball Club plays its 1st game
1878   French SS Byzantin sinks after collision in Dardanellen, 210 killed
1890   Lugards expedition to Mengo/Kampala, Uganda
1892   "Nutcracker Suite," Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky's ballet, premieres
1892   Anton Bruckner's 8th Symphony, premieres
1894   Cricket day 4 1T Aus v Eng England following on 4-268, 7 in front
1898   Automobile speed record set-63 kph (39 mph)
1899   Fieldmarshal Lord Roberts appointed Brit supreme commander in S Africa
1905   H V Hordern takes 8-81 in 2nd innings of F-C debut (NSW v Qld)
1915   Pres Wilson, widowed the year before, marries Edith Bolling Galt
1917   Soviet regiment (Stalin/Lenin) declares Finland Independent
1920   1st US postage stamps printed without the words United States or US
1923   International zone of Tangier set up in Morocco
1930   Bradman scores 258 NSW v South Aust, 289 mins, 37 fours
1932   Chicago Bears beat Portsmouth Spartans 9-0 in 1st NFL playoff game
1935   Bradman scores 117 in his 1st Shield cricket match for South Australia
1935   Edward Benes becomes president of Czechoslovakia
1936   1st giant panda imported into US
1936   Queensland cricket all out for 49 v Vic, Fleetwood-Smith 7-17
1936   Su-Lin, 1st giant panda to come to US from China, arrives in SF
1939   Finnish army recaptures Agl„j„rvi
1941   German submarine U-434 sinks
1941   Japanse troops land on Hong Kong
1944   Destroyers "Hull," "Spence" & "Monaghan" sink in typhoon (Philippines)
1944   Nazi occupiers of Amsterdam destroy electricity plants
1945   Uruguay joins UN
1946   TV's 1st network dramatic serial "Faraway Hill" ends 2 month run
1947   Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical Optissima Pax
1948   Indonesia begins it's 2nd political election
1948   WDSU TV channel 6 in New Orleans, LA (NBC) begins broadcasting
1949   Phila Eagles beat LA Rams 14-0 in NFL championship game
1952   Ellis W Ryan resigns as Cleve Indians president
1953   KATV TV channel 7 in Little Rock, AR (ABC) begins broadcasting
1953   KMID TV channel 2 in Midland & Odessa, TX (ABC) begins broadcasting
1956   "To Tell the Truth" debuts on CBS-TV
1956   Israeli flag hoisted on Mount Sinai
1956   Japan admitted to UN
1956   Phil Rizzuto signs as NY Yankee radio-TV announcer
1957   Shippingport Atomic Power Stn, 1st nuke plant to generate electricity
1958   1st test project of Signal Communications by Orbiting Relay Equip
1958   1st voice from space: recorded Christmas message by Eisenhower
1958   Niger gains autonomy within French Community (National Day)
1959   Sammy Baugh named 1st coach of NY Titans (AFL)
1960   General Meeting of UN condemns apartheid
1961   Britain's EMI Records originally rejects the Beatles
1961   For 2nd cons year, AP names Wilma Rudolph female athlete of year
1961   India annexes Portuguese colonies of Goa, Damao & Diu
1961   KAIL TV channel 53 in Fresno, CA (IND) begins broadcasting
1961   Wilt Chamberlain of NBA Phila Warriors scores 78 points vs LA
1962   Dmitri Shostakovitch' 13th Symphony, premieres in Moscow
1962   USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
1962   WAIQ TV channel 26 in Montgomery, AL (PBS) begins broadcasting
1963   Clarke runs world record 10k (28:15.6)
1963   Muskegon, Michigan gets 3' of snow
1964   "I Had a BaIl" opens at Martin Beck Theater NYC for 199 performances
1964   "The Pink Panther" cartoon series premieres (Pink Phink)
1964   During services held for Sam Cooke fans caused damage to Funeral Home
1964   US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1965   "La Grusse Valise" closes at 54th St Theater NYC after 7 performances
1965   Borman & Lovell Splash down in Atlantic ends 2 week Gemini VII mission
1965   Kenneth LeBel jumps 17 barrels on ice skates
1966   Dr Seuss' "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" airs for 1st time on CBS
1966   USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1968   USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1969   "Coco" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC for 333 performances
1969   Britain abolishes death penalty
1969   US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1970   "Me Nobody Knows" opens at Helen Hayes Theater NYC for 587 perfs
1970   Polish uprising fails
1970   US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1971   1st Candlelight Processional
1971   CBS radio cancels Saturday morning band concerts
1971   People United To Save Humanity (PUSH) forms by Jesse Jackson in Chic
1971   US dollar devalued 7.9% in Holland ($1=Ÿ3,245)
1972   US begins its heaviest bombing of North Vietnam
1973   Soyuz 13 launched into Earth orbit for 8 days
1973   Yanks sign Dick Williams as manager, overturned later by AL Pres
1974   SF Visitors Center at City Hall opens
1976   "A Star is Born," with Barbra Striesand, premieres
1976   "Wonder Woman" debuts on ABC
1976   Soviet dissident Viktor Bukovskiexchanged for Chile CP-leader Corvalan
1977   Cleveland Cavaliers retire jersey # 42, Nate Thumond
1977   Dutch Antilles: premier Boy Rozendal points independence off
1978   France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
1978   USSR performs underground nuclear test
1979   Stanley Barrett 1st to exceed land sonic speed (739.666 MPH)
1980   Bruce Sprinsteen's concert at Madison Sq Garden
1980   Dutch 2nd Chamber accepts minister Van Agts abortion laws
1980   IRA's Sean McKenna becomes critically ill, ends hunger strike
1980   Vietnam adopts constitution
1982   Flight readiness firing of Challenger's main engines; 20 seconds
1983   NBA San Diego Clippers ends 29 game road losing streak
1984   73rd Davis Cup: Sweden beats USA in Gothenburg (4-1)
1985   "Jerry's Girls" opens at St James Theater NYC for 139 performances
1985   UN Security Council unanimously condemns "acts of hostage-taking"
1986   Mr Gates, serves as acting director of CIA
1987   Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan's future pres, marries Asif Ali Zardari
1987   Ivan F Boesky sentenced to 3 years for insider trading
1988   5th meeting of Giants-Jets, Jets win & eliminate Giants from playoffs
1988   Seattle Seahawks win their 1st ever division title with 9-7 record
1989   "I Love Lucy" Christmas episode, shown for 1st time in over 30 years
1989   Athol Fugard's "My Children, My Africa," premieres in NYC
1990   NL announces Buffalo, Denver, Miami, Orlando, Tampa-St Petersburg, & Wash DC as 6 finalist for 1993 expansion (Miami & Denver w
1990   NL releases short list of teams for 1993 NL expansion
1991   DeForest Kelly (Dr McCoy on Star Trek) gets a star in Hollywood
1991   General Motors announces closing of 21 plants
1992   FCC vote 4-1 to allow Infinity to purchase Cook Inlet stations
1993   Kevin Scott skates world record 1K (1:12.54)
1994   "Comedy Tonight" opens at Lunt-Fontanne Theater NYC for 8 performances
1994   "What's Wrong With this Pic?" closes at Circle in Sq NYC after 12 perf
1994   Darryl Strawberry pleads not guilty on tax evasion charges
1994   General Hospital stars Kristina Malandro & Jack Wagner wed
1994   Norman, Couples & Azinger wins LPGA Wendy's 3-Tour Golf Challenge
1994   Socialist Party (ex-communist) wins Bulgaria parliamentary election
1996   Start of 1st Test Cricket match between Zimbabwe & England
1996   TV industry execs agree to adopt a ratings system

1562   Philipp Dulichius, composer
1569   Jakob Hassler, composer
1610   Charles Du Fresne Du Cange, French scholar/philologist
1633   Adriaen Melar, Flemish engraver, baptised
1633   Willem van de Velde the Young, Dutch seascape painter, baptised
1635   Antonius Matthaeus, Dutch lawyer/historian
1667   Wenzel Ludwig von Radolt, composer
1707   Charles Wesley, co-founder (Methodist movement)
1709   Elizabeth, empress of Russia (to Peter the Great & Catherine I)
1734   Jean-Baptiste Rey, composer
1760   Knud L Rahbek, Danish literary (Om sku skuespillerkunsten)
1779   Joseph Grimaldi, England, pantomimist ("greatest clown in history")
1786   Carl Maria von Weber, Germany, romantic composer (Der Freischutz)
1788   Camille Pleyel, Austria, piano builder/composer
1803   William Allen, (Rep/Gov-Oh)
1811   Alexander Sandor Asboth, Bvt Mjr Gen (Union volunteers), died in 1868
1812   Wiktor Kazynski, composer
1816   Alfred Elzey Jones, Major General (Confederate Army), died in 1871
1819   Jakov P Polonski, Russian poet (Stichotvorenija)
1825   Charles Griffin, Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1867
1826   Charles-A Chatrian, [Erckmann-C], French writer (L'ami Fritz)
1826   Mercer Brooke John, (Confederate Navy), died in 1906
1835   George Dashiell Bayard, Brig General (Union volunteers), died in 1862
1837   A Adolf Daens, Belgian priest/Dutch party founder (CVP)
1844   Lujo [Ludwig J von] Brentano, German economist
1848   Karl Schroder, composer
1852   Gaetano Coronaro, composer
1856   Joseph John Thomson, Eng, physicist discovered electron (Nobel 1906)
1860   Edward Alexander MacDowell, US, composer (Indian Suite)
1861   Lionel Monckton, composer
1863   French Ferdinand, archduke of Austria (Sarajevo/WW I)
1867   Antoon van Welie, Dutch painter
1870   Andres Randolf, Denmark, actor (The Kiss)
1870   D T Suzuki, Kanazawa Japan, Zen Buddhist scholar
1870   Saki, [Hector Hugo Munro], Burma, author (Reginald, When William Came)
1873   Adolf Vogl, composer
1877   Max Pallenberg, Austria, actor (Brave Suender)/husb of Fritzi Massary
1879   Paul Klee, Switzerland, abstract painter (Twittering Machine) [NS]
1884   Philippe van Isacker, Belgian minister
1886   Ty Cobb, Colo, batted .367, stole 892 bases (Det Tigers)
1888   Gladys Cooper, Lewisham England, actress (My Fair Lady)
1888   Robert Moses, power broker (built Long Island & NYC parks & roads)
1890   Edwin Howard Armstrong, NYC, radio pioneer inventor (FM)
1897   Fernand J Collin, Belgian economist/banker
1898   Jacob Kruijt, Dutch sociologist
1904   George Stevens, US director (Alice Adams, Penny Serenade)
1904   Wilf Carter, country singer
1905   Richard Sturzenegger, composer
1906   Edwin H "Buddy" Morris, music publisher
1906   Kam Tong, actor (Across the Pacific, Flower Drum Song)
1907   Christopher Fry, Bristol England, playwright (Ring Around the Moon)
1908   Celia Johnson, England, actress (Happy Breed, Brief encounter)
1909   Mona Barrie, [Smith], London England, actress (Dawn on Great Divide)
1910   Abe Burrows, Bkln NY, Broadway composer (Guys & Dolls 1951 TONY)
1910   Eric Tindall, cricketer (All Black rep who kept wicket in 5 Tests)
1911   Helen Vlachos, journalist
1911   Jules Dassin, Middletown CT, director (Circle of Two, Never on Sunday)
1913   Alfred Bester, US, science fiction author (Decievers, Starlight)
1913   Donald Phillips, pianist/composer
1913   Lynn Bari, Roanoke Va, actress (Connie-Detective Wife, Earthbound)
1913   Saburo Takata, composer
1913   Willy Brandt, [Herbert Frahm], German chancellor (1969-74, Nobel 1971)
1914   Jerry Zipkin, socialite
1915   Dario Mangiarotti, Italy, fencing, gold, 2 silver (Olympic-1948, 52)
1916   Betty Grable, St Louis, great legs/actress (Gay Divorcee)
1917   Ossie Davis, Cogdell GA, actor/playwright (Hot Stuff, Man Called Adam)
1919   Anita O'Day, Chicago, big band jazz singer (Gene Krupa, Stan Kanton)
1920   Rita Streich, German singer
1920   Willis Conover, broadcaster
1922   Larry D Mann, Toronto Canada, actor (Marty-Accidental Family)
1923   Lotti [Charlotte] van der Gaag, Dutch sculptor/painter
1926   Peggy Cummins, North Wales, actress (Curse of the Demon)
1927   Ramsey Clark, US attorney General (1967-69)
1927   Sterling Lanier, US, writer (Hiero's Journey)
1931   Gunnel Lindblom, Goeteborg Sweden, actor (Hunger, Virgin Spring)
1931   Noel McGregor, cricketer (batted in 25 Tests for NZ 1955-65)
1932   Roger Smith, South Gate Calif, actor (77 Sunset Strip)
1934   Boris Valentinovich Volynov, USSR, cosmonaut (Soyuz 5, 21)
1938   [Bryan] Chas Chandler, rocker (The Animals-House of the Rising Sun)
1939   Christoffel "Stoffel" van de Merwe, S Afr minister of Education
1939   Henrica M L "Wiesje" Backer, Dutch dancer/actress/playwright
1939   Michael J Moorcock, England, sci-fi author (Alien Heat, Bull & Spear)
1939   Sandro Lopopolia, Italy, lightweight boxer (Olympic-Silver-1960)
1940   Arnold Long, cricketer (prolific wicketkeeper for Surrey & Sussex)
1941   Sam Andrew, rocker (Big Brother & Holding Company-Cheap Thrills)
1942   William HAF, English prince/grandson of George V
1943   Alan Rudolph, actor (Endangers Species, Love at Large, Made in Heaven)
1943   Bobby Keyes, rocker
1943   Keith Richards, England, rock guitarist (Rolling Stones-Brown Sugar)
1945   Birenda Bir Bikram, King of Nepal (1972- )
1945   Carolyn Wood, US, 4 X 100m freestyle swimmer (Olympic-gold-1960)
1946   Hubie Green, Birmingham Ala, PGA golfer (US Open 1977)
1946   Stephen (Steve) Biko, South African anti-apartheid activist
1947   Eddie Antar, founder/CEO (Crazy Eddie Electronics Store)
1947   Steven Spielberg, Cincinnati, director (ET, Close Encounters, Jaws)
1948   Bryan "Chas" Changler, Newcastle, rock bassist (Animals)
1949   Joni Flynn, Assam India, actress (Octopussy)
1950   Gillian Armstrong, Melbourne Aust, director (High Tide, Mrs Soffel)
1950   Leonard Maltin, NYC, movie critic (Entertainment Tonight)
1950   Martha Johnson, Toronto Canada, rocker (M+M)
1951   Andrew S Thomas, Adelaide Australia, PhD/astronaut (STS 77, STS 89/91)
1951   Candice Rialson, Santa Monica Calif, actress (Chatterbox)
1953   Elliot Easton, [Elliot Shapiro], Brooklyn NY, rock guitarist (Cars)
1954   Ray Liotta, Newark NJ, actor (Sacha-Casablanca, Goodfellas)
1956   Reinhold Ewald, Germany, cosmonaut (Soyuz TM-25)
1957   John Webster, rocker (Red Ryder-Light in the Tunnel)
1959   Barrie Chase, actress (Mardi Gras, Cape Fear)
1961   Brian Orser, Canada, figure skater (Olympics-Silver-88)
1961   Ken Foreman, rocker (Thrashing Doves-Reprobate's Hymm)
1961   Lalchand Rajput, cricketer (Indian Test opening batsman 1985-86)
1961   Thomas Strittmatter, writer
1963   Charles Oakley, NBA forward (NY Knicks)
1963   Lori McNeil, San Diego Calif, tennis star (1995 Oakland doubles)
1964   Don Beebe, NFL wide reciever (Green Bay Packers-Superbowl 31)
1965   Angeliki Kaneltopoutous, Greece, tennis star
1965   Brad Pitt, actor (Cutting Class)
1965   Brian Walton, Ottawa Ontario, points race cyclist (Olympics-silver-96)
1965   Fawna Maclaren, Santa Monica Ca, playmate (Jan, 1989)
1965   Willie Blair, Paintsville KY, pitcher (San Diego Padres)
1966   Aaron Jones, NFL defensive end (NE Patriots)
1966   Gianluca Pagliuca, Italian actress (Ugly Dirty & Bad)
1966   Kiefer Sutherland, actor (Young Guns, Stand by Me, Lost Boys)
1966   Patricia Neder, Wauykesha WI, team handball right wing (Olymp-92, 96)
1966   Steve Dullaghan, rocker (Primitives-Lovely, Lump of Coal)
1966   Terry Phelps, Larchmont NY, tennis star
1966   Tracy Byrd, country singer
1967   Bob Corkum, Salisbury, NHL center (Phila Flyers)
1967   Charles Christopher Rymer, Cleveland TN, PGA golfer (1995 Shell-3rd)
1967   Dan McGwire, NFL quarterback (Miami Dolphins)
1967   Tracy Hayworth, NFL linebacker (Detroit Lions, Atlanta Falcons)
1968   Aaron Craver, NFL running back (Denver Broncos, San Diego Chargers)
1968   Casper Van Dien, actor (Starship Troopers)
1969   Andrew Murphy, Australian long jumper/triple jumper (Olympics-96)
1969   Chris Dausin, WLAF corner/guard (Scottish Claymores)
1969   Joanne Mills, Sydney Aust, golfer (T25 Holden 1994 Women's Aust Open)
1969   Joe Randa, Milwaukee WI, infielder (KC Royals)
1969   Keith Piper, cricketer (Warwickshire & England A wicketkeeper)
1969   Marco Coleman, NFL defensive end (Miami Dolphins, San Diego Chargers)
1969   T C Wright, WLAF running back (Amsterdam Admirals)
1970   Lucious Harris, NBA guard (NJ Nets, Dallas Mavericks)
1971   Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, Barcelona, tennis star (Oly-silv/bronze-92)
1971   Frank Pimiskern, CFL safety (BC Lions)
1971   Joe Dziedzic, Minneapolis, NHL left wing (Pitts Penguins)
1971   Markus Finke, WLAF running back (Rhein Fire)
1971   Neil Little, Medicine Hat, NHL goalie (Phila Flyers)
1972   Eric Unverzagt, NFL/WLAF linebacker (Sea Seahawks, Scotland Claymores)
1972   Jeff Nelson, Prince Albert, NHL center (Washington Capitals)
1972   Marcos Ondruska, South Africa, tennis star
1973   Jason Williams, Gonzales LA, baseball infielder (Olympics-bronze-96)
1973   Keith Washington, NFL defensive end (Minn Vikings, Baltimore Ravens)
1974   Peter Boulware, linebacker (Baltimore Ravens)
1975   Michael Barry, Toronto, Ontario, cyclist (Olympics-96)
1978   Naomi Lang, Arcata Calif, dance skater (& Peter Tchernyshev)

468   Huna Mari bar Mar Zutra, rabbi, executed in Pumpedita
1290   Magnus I Ladul†s, [Barn Bolt], king of Sweden (1277-90), dies
1505   John IX van Horne, prince-bishop of Lieges, executed
1565   Benedetto Varchi, Italian humanist/historian (L'Ercolano), dies at 62
1577   Anna, duchess of Saxon/wife of prince Willem of Orange, dies at 32
1597   Barbara Blomberg, German mistress of emperor Karel, dies at 67
1633   Theodoor Galle, Flemish engraver, buried at 62
1638   Le PŠre Joseph, French mystic, dies
1651   Francisco the Melo, Portuguese/Spanish earl of Assumar, dies at 54
1710   Peter Codde, apostile vicar (1688-1704), dies at 62
1732   Johann Valentin Eckelt, composer, dies at 59
1737   Antonio Stradivari, renowned violin-maker, dies in Cremona Italy at 93
1751   Kilian I von Dientzenhofer, builder (Nepomukkerk, Prague), dies at 62
1779   Jan Punt, engraver/illustrator/actor (Gideonschool), dies at 68
1803   Johann G von Herder, German philosopher/theologist/poet, dies at 59
1829   Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck, French nature investigator, dies at about 85
1831   Willem Bilderdijk, Dutch poet/literary (My Relief), dies at 75
1835   Johann Georg Anton Mederitsch-Gallus, composer, dies at 82
1839   Charles-Henri Plantade, composer, dies at 75
1841   Felice Blangini, composer, dies at 60
1858   Joseph-Henri-Ignace Mees, composer, dies at 81
1862   Johnson Kelly Duncan, architect/Confederate brig-generaal, dies at 35
1865   Francisco Manuel da Silva, composer, dies at 70
1869   Louis Moreau Gottschalk, composer, dies at 40
1892   Richard Owen, English zoologist (Dinosaurus), dies at 88
1897   Carlo A Alfieri, Italian Member of parliament, dies at 70
1899   John William Glover, composer, dies at 84
1911   Alberto Randegger, composer, dies at 79
1915   douard Vaillant, French socialist politician/communard, dies at 75
1918   Henryk Jarecki, composer, dies at 72
1919   Horatio William Parker, composer, dies at 56
1919   John Alcock, pilot (1st non-stop over Atlantic), dies in crash at 27
1928   Lucien Capet, composer, dies at 55
1931   John T "Legs" Diamond, US gangster, murdered at 35
1932   Eduard "Ede" Bernstein, German marxist/revisionist, dies at 82
1935   Juan V G¢mez, general/dictator of Venezuela (1908-35), dies
1937   S S Schultz, cricketer (one Test England v Australia 1879), dies
1939   Matthew Brown, Journalist, dies at 51
1942   Charlie Walker, cricketer (Aust tourist to England 1930, 1938), dies
1948   Janet Fay, hammered to death by Honeymoon Killers
1959   Dorothy L Sayers, writer, dies at 66
1963   Winifried P I Zillig, German composer/conductor (Opfer), dies at 58
1966   Gene Gauntier, dies in Cuernavaca Mexico
1971   Aleksandr T Tvardovski, Russ editor in chief (Novyj Mir), dies at 61
1971   Bobby Jones Jr, PGA golfer (Grand Slam 1930), dies at 69
1971   Diana Lynn, actress (Annapolis Story, Easy Come Easy Go), dies at 45
1973   Giulio Cesare Brero, composer, dies at 64
1976   George Emmett, cricketer (Engld opener v Aust Old Trafford 1948), dies
1977   Cyril Ritchard, actor (Peter Pan), dies at 80
1977   Louis Untermeyer, poet/critic/TV panelist (What's My Line), dies at 92
1980   Alexei N Kosygin, Soviet PM (1964-80), suffers heart attack at 76
1981   Mehmet Shehu, PM Albania (1954-81)/"US-Russ spy", commits suicide
1982   Raymond Emery, cricketer (2 Tests NZ v WI 1952, 46 runs, 2 wkts), dies
1982   Tibor de Machula, Hungary/Neth cellist, dies at 70
1986   Mamo Clark, actor (1 Million BC, Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island), di
1990   Anne Revere, actress (National Velvet), dies of pneumonia at 87
1990   Paul Tortelier, composer, dies at 76
1991   June Storey, actress (South of the Border), dies of cancer at 73
1992   Dana Andrews, actor (Best Years of Our Lifes), dies at 83
1992   Mark Goodson, TV game show producer (Goodson-Toddman), dies at 77
1992   Mother Clare Hale, cared for NYC AIDS babies (Hale House), dies at 87
1992   Richard H Ichord, US leader of House Un-American Act Comm, dies
1993   Sam Wanamaker, actor (Pvt Benjamin), dies of prostate cancer at 74
1994   Heinz Bernard Lowenstein, actor/director, dies at 71
1994   Lilia Skala, Austrian/US actress (Ship of Fools, Caprice), dies at 98
1994   Peter Hebblethwaite, English editor-in-chief (The Month), dies at 64
1995   Chaim Pearl, rabbi, dies at 76
1995   Georgio Fini, restaurateur, dies at 70
1995   Ross Thomas, author, dies at 69
1996   Arthur Jacobs, musicologist, dies at 74
1997   Chris Farley, comedian (SNL, Tommy Boy), dies at 33

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