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565   St Columba reported seeing monster in Loch Ness
1138   English defeated Scots at Cowton Moor Banners of various saints were carried into battle which led to being called Battle of th
1454   Jews are expelled from Brunn Moravia by order of King Ladislaus
1485   Battle of Bosworth Field - Henry VII's forces defeat Richard III
1543   Emperor Charles V's army occupies Dren
1559   Spanish archbishop Bartholom‚ de Carranza arrested as heretic
1572   Failed assassination on admiral De Coligny
1582   King James IV of Scotland captured
1603   1st stones layed in Zuiderkerk Amsterdam
1614   Trades people under Vincent Fettmilch chase & plunder Jews out of ghetto in Frankfurt
1632   Prince Frederik Hendrik occupies Maastricht
1642   Civil War in England began between Royalists & Parliament
1654   1st Jewish immigrant to US, Jacob Barsimson arrives in New Amsterdam
1707   Prince Eugenius van Savoye siege of Toulon
1707   Sweden & Prussia sign military treaty
1715   H„ndels "Watermusic" premieres on Thames
1717   Spanish troops lands on Sardinia
1762   1st female (Ann Franklin) US newspaper editor, Newport RI, Mercury
1775   King George III proclaims colonies to be in open rebellion
1780   Resolution, without Capt Cook, returns to England
1787   John Fitch's steamboat completes its tests, years before Fulton
1788   Sierra Leone, settled by British as a former haven for slaves
1791   Haitian Slave Revolution begins under voodoo priest Boukman
1818   Grand duchy of Bathe forms
1826   Colonies under Jedediah Strong Smith move near Salt Lake Utah
1846   US annexes New Mexico
1851   Gold fields discovered in Australia
1851   Yacht "America" wins 1st Royal Yacht Squadron Cup (America's Cup)
1862   Battle of Catlett's Station VA
1862   Santee Sioux indian attack Fort Ridgely
1864   Geneva Convention signed by 12 nations
1864   International Red Cross forms
1867   Fisk University forms, 1867
1877   Nez Perc‚-indians flee into to Yellowstone National Park
1900   Gabriel Faur‚s opera "Prom‚th‚e," premieres in Beziers
1901   Cadillac Co forms
1902   Pres Teddy Roosevelt became 1st US chief executive to ride in a car
1906   1st Victor Victrola manufactured
1907   Colin Buchanan, town planner
1907   Cyril Astley Clarke, British geneticist
1908   Henri Cartier-Bresson, France, photographer (Decisive Moment)
1910   Japan annexes Korea after 5 years as a protectorate
1911   Mona Lisa stolen from Louvre (Recovered in 1913)
1911   Vincenzo Perugia steals Mona Lisa from Louvre, Paris
1912   England defeat Australia to win the Triangular Tournament
1912   Richard Catling, commissioner of police (Kenya)
1913   Robert Martineau, bishop of Blackburn
1914   -23] Battle at Charleroi: Gen von Blows troops beat French
1914   1st encounter between British & German troops (in Belgium)
1914   Battle in Ardennen: Neufchateau, Rossignal, Tintigny & Virton
1914   Canada's Finance Act, 1914, receives assent
1914   General Martos' troops occupy Soldau/Neidenburg East Prussia
1914   German troops execute 384 inhabitants of Tamines Belgium
1914   Von Ludendorff & von Hindenburg move into E Prussia enroute to Russia
1917   Pitts Pirates play 4th straight extra inning game, Carson Bigbee sets record of 11 at-bats, they lose in 22 innings to Dodgers
1921   J Edgar Hoover becomes asst director of FBI
1923   Paavo Nurmi runs world record mile (4:10.4)
1926   Gold discovered in Johannesburg, South Africa
1926   Greek dictator Gen P ngulos driven out
1927   Babe Ruth hits 40th of 60 homers
1930   Australia regain Ashes on 6th day of 5th Cricket Test
1932   BBS begins experimental regular TV broadcasts
1933   Bill Veeck, urges midsummer inter-league games & a split season
1933   International Zionists Congress opens in Prague
1934   Australia beat England by 562 runs to regain Cricket Ashes
1934   Red Sox pitcher Wes Ferrell hits 2 HRs to beat White Sox 3-2 in 12
1939   Dutch border guards take positions for German invasion
1939   Premier De Geer recalls Dutch vacationers in Black Forest
1941   Nazi troops reach Lenningrad
1942   Brazil declares war on Germany, Japan & Italy
1943   Soviet troops free Karkov
1944   Hitler orders Paris to be destroyed [or 23rd]
1944   Last transport of French Jews to nazi-Germany
1945   Bob Cristofani scores 110 for Aust Services at Old Trafford
1945   England defeat Aust Services by 6 wkts in 5th Victory Test Cricket
1945   No‰l Coward's revue "Sigh no More," premieres in London
1945   Vietnam conflict begins as Ho Chi Minh leads a successful coup
1946   Baseball approves a 168-game schedule, but later rescinds it
1946   Mikko Hietanen wins Oslo marathon (2:24:55)
1947   14th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: All-Stars 16, Chi Bears 0 (105,840)
1950   Abdel Rehim swims English Channel (10:50)
1950   Althea Gibson becomes 1st black competetor in natl tennis competition
1950   Rotterdam harbor strike end
1951   Harlem Globetrotters play in Olympic Stadium, Berlin before 75,052
1953   France closes jail on Devil Island
1953   John Norman Lewis contends players have no desire to form a union
1953   Shah of Persia returns to Teheran
1954   WPTV TV channel 5 in Palm Beach, FL (NBC) begins broadcasting
1956   Elvis Presley begins filming "The Reno Brothers" (Love Me Tender)
1956   Pres Eisenhower & VP Nixon renominated by Rep convention in SF
1957   Floyd Patterson KOs Pete Rademacher in 6 for heavyweight boxing title
1958   Argos' Boyd Carter, Dave Mann combine for record 131-yd punt return
1958   Great Britain performs atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island
1959   Cin Red Frank Robinson hits 3 consecutive HRs
1960   Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Asheville Golf Open
1960   Gil Hodges set NL righty HR record with #352
1961   Maris hits his 50th of 61 homers
1962   Failed assassination on president De Gaulle
1962   Savannah, world's 1st nuclear-powered ship, completes maiden voyage from Yorktown, Va, to Savannah, Ga
1962   USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
1963   NASA civilian test pilot Joe Walker in X-15 reaches 67 miles (106 km)
1964   Guin‚e, Liberia & Ivory Coast form joint market
1964   Supreme's "Where Did Our Love Go," reaches #1
1965   Clifford Ann Creed wins LPGA Omaha Jaycee Golf Open
1965   LA Dodger pitcher Juan Marachal hits SF Giant catcher John Roseboro on the head with his bat causing a 14 minute brawl
1966   Beatles arrive in NYC
1968   1st papal visit to Latin America (Pope Paul VI arrives in Bogota)
1968   Cynthia Lennon sues John Lennon for divorce on adultry
1968   Pope Paul VI opens Eucharistic congress in Bogota
1969   Beatles record a video for "Long & Winding Road"
1969   Gloria O Smith, (NY), crowned 2nd Miss Black America
1969   Hurricane Camille strikes US Gulf Coast kills 255
1971   Bolivian military coup under col Hugo Banzer, pres Torres driven out
1971   Pam Barnett wins LPGA Southgate Golf Open
1972   International Olympic Committee exspells Rhodesia
1973   Chilean parliament accuses pres Allende violating laws
1973   Henry Kissinger succeeds William Rogers as min of Foreign affairs
1975   Assassination attempt on president Gerald Ford
1975   McNichols Sports Arena in Denver opens
1976   Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Patty Berg Golf Classic
1978   Sandinistas occupy National Palace in Managua Nicaragua
1979   200 black leaders, meet in NY, to support Andrew Young
1980   Bill Veeck agrees to sell Chicago White Sox to Eddie DeBartolo Sr for $20,000,000, AL owners block the sale
1982   Gen Ariel Sharon urges Palestinians to discuss peaceful coexistence
1982   Israeli General Ariel Sharon urges Palestinians to discuss peace
1982   Joanne Carner wins LPGA Chevrolet World Championship of Women's Golf
1984   Evelyn Ashford of US ties world women's mark for 100 m, 10.76 sec
1984   Last Volkswagen Rabbit produced
1984   Met pitcher Dwight Gooden becomes 11th rookie to strikeout 200
1984   Rep convention in Dallas renominates Pres Reagan & VP Bush
1984   South African election for parliament boycvotted
1985   30th Walker Cup: US wins 13-11
1985   Airtours Boeing-737 crashes at airport of Manchester, 55 killed
1986   Gas from Volcano Chamberoen kills 1,734 (Cameroon)
1986   NASA announces tests designed to verify ignition pressure dynamics
1987   Madonna's "Who's That Girl," single goes #1
1988   Australia unveils 1st platinum coin (Koala)
1988   NBC premieres "Later" with Bob Costas (1st guest Linda Ellerbee)
1988   US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1989   1st complete ring around Neptune discovered
1989   Nolan Ryan strikes out his 5,000th batter (Rickey Henderson)
1990   Pres Bush calls up military reserves
1991   Krizstina Egerszegi swims world record 100 m backstroke (1:00.31)
1992   Matthews & Warne spin Australia to a famous win v Sri Lanka
1993   "In the Summer House" closes at Beaumont Theater NYC after 25 perfs
1993   Hiromi Kobayash wins Minnesota LPGA Golf Classic
1994   DNA testing links OJ Simpson to murder of Nicole Simpson & Ron Goldman
1994   Wim Cook govt forms in Neth
1995   FBI agent Lon Horiuchi shoots at Randy Weaver's cabin in Idaho

1530   Bartolomeo Spontone, composer
1601   Georges de Scud‚ry, French writer (Observations sur le Cid)
1615   Christopher Gibbons, composer
1647   Denis Papin, French physicist (Papiniaanse pot, steam machine)
1681   Pierre Danican Philidor, composer
1753   Christian Friedrich Ruppe, composer
1760   Leo XII, [Annibale Sermattei], Italy, Pope (1823-29)
1766   Joseph-Denis Doche, composer
1771   Jan Joseph Rosler, composer
1788   Thomas Tredgold, engineer/carpenter
1795   Abraham Capadose, physician/missionary
1822   George Stoneman, US Union general-major/(Gov-Calif, 1883-87)
1827   Edouard Silas, composer
1827   Josef Strauss, Austria, composer (Dorfschwalben aus Austria)
1827   Joseph Anthony Mower, Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1870
1834   Nathaniel Harrison Harris, Brig General (Confederate Army)
1836   Archibald M Willard, US, artist (Spirit of '76)
1846   B Amalie Skram-Alver, Norway, writer (Hellemyrsfolket)
1847   Alexander Campbell Mackenzie, composer
1852   Alfredo Oriani, Italian writer (Political Struggle in Italy)
1854   Milan I, King of Serbia
1856   Friedrich Kstner, German astronomer
1860   Gustaf Fr”ding, Swedish poet (St„nk och flikar)
1860   Paul G Nipkow, German TV pioneer (Nipkow Award)
1862   Claude Debussy, St Germain-en-Laye, composer (La Mer, Clair de lune)
1865   Piet A W Hopmans, bishop of Breda (Eucharistic Crusade)
1873   Karl Nef, Swiss musicologist
1874   Edward Cuthbert Bairstow, composer
1874   Max Scheler, German philosopher (Vom Umsturz der Werte)
1882   Harry Makepeace, cricketer (4 Tests for England v Australia 1920-21)
1888   Violet Farebrother, Grimsby England, actress (Downhill, Easy Virtue)
1890   Floyd Henri Allport, US psychologist/sociologist
1891   Francis McDonald, Bowling Green Ky, actor (Will-Adv of Champion)
1891   Jacques Lipchitz, Polish/French/US painter/cubist sculptor
1892   Percy Fender, cricketer (legendary Surrey & England all-rounder)
1893   Dorothy Parker, NJ, short story writer (1958 Marjorie Peabody Award)
1894   Cecil Kellaway, South Africa, actor (Mr Earnshaw-Wuthering Heights)
1895   Paul White, Bangor Maine, composer (Adante & Rondo for Cello)
1897   Bill Woodfull, cricketer (Australian captain in the Bodyline series)
1898   Francine Larrimore, Verdun France, actress (John Meade's Woman)
1900   Elizabeth Bergner, Vienna Austria, actress (Catherine the Great)
1902   Leni Riefenstahl, [Helene Bertha Amalie], Germany, actress (Tiefland)
1902   Roy Armstrong, English historian (History of Sussex)
1903   Ren‚ Wellek, Vienna Austria, writer (Concepts of Criticism)
1904   Deng Xiaoping, Chinese party leader (1976-1983)
1905   Wade Crosby, IA, actor (Sign of Wolf, Tales of Robin Hood)
1907   Oliver F McGowan, Kipling AL, actor (Banning, Stagecoach)
1908   Henri Cartier-Bresson, Chanteloup, France, photographer
1909   Mel Hein, NFL center (NY Giants)
1909   Sergius Kagen, composer
1909   Stojan T Daskalov, Bulgaria, writer (A Farm)
1911   Edith Atwater, Chic, actress (Phyllis-Love on a Rooftop)
1911   Somerset de Chair, MP
1912   Edith Porada, art historian/archaeologist
1913   Robert Schollum, composer
1916   John Slater, London England, actor (Deadlock, Cartel, Devil's Pass)
1917   John Lee Hooker, Clarksdale Mississippi, blues guitarist (Canned Heat)
1919   Earl Cathcart, British major-general
1919   Leo Pliatzky, senior civil servant
1920   Anthony Tuke, CEO (Savoy Hotel Groups)
1920   Denton Cooley, Houston, heart surgeon (1st artifical heart transplant)
1920   Pierre A Lauffer, Antillian poet (Patria)
1920   Ray[mond Douglas] Bradbury, Ill, sci-fi author (Fahrenheit 451)
1920   W Schnurre, writer
1921   James Menter, principal (Queen Mary College)
1922   Micheline Presle, Paris, actress (Nea, Donkey Skin)
1923   Gerald Long, journalist/CEO (Reuters)
1924   Andrzej Markowski, composer
1924   James Kirkwood, LA CA, actor/writer (Hired Wife)
1924   Peter Allsop, publisher
1926   Bob Flannigan, rocker (Four Freshmen)
1926   Honor Blackman, London, actress (Pussy Galore-Goldfinger)
1926   Marc Bohan, dress designer
1927   Aleksandar Obradovic, composer
1928   John Lupton, Highland Park Ill, actor (Tom-Broken Arrow)
1928   Karlheinz Stockhausen, M”drath Germany, composer (Kontrapunkte)
1929   Baroness Ewart-Biggs, British (Lab) spokesperson on Home Affairs
1932   Gerald P Carr, Denver Colorado, Col USMC/astronaut (Skylab 4)
1932   Theoni Vachliotis aldredge, award winning costume designer
1933   Irmtraud Morgner, writer
1933   Sylva Koscina, Zagreb Yugo, actress (Jessica, Hercules)
1934   Diana Sands, NYC, actress (Raisin in the Sun, Doctor's Wife)
1934   H Norman Schwarzkopf, Trenton NJ, 4-star Army general (Gulf War)
1934   John M Chowning, composer
1934   Margaret Douglas, chief political adviser (BBC)
1935   Morton Dean, Fall River Mass, TV newscaster (CBS, ABC)
1935   Richard W Howard, Okla City Ok, 400m hurdler (Olympic-bronze-1960)
1936   Anne Downey, British circuit judge
1936   Lex P Humphries, drummer
1937   Donald MacLeary, dancer
1937   Max Hebditch, director (Museum of London)
1938   Dale Hawkins, music writer (Suzy Q)
1939   Candido Lima, composer
1939   Carl Yastrzemski, NY, Boston Red Sox great (1967 AL MVP, Hall of Fame)
1939   Fred Milano, Bronx NY, rocker (Dion & The Belmonts) [or 8/26/40]
1940   Antony Crosthwaite-Eyre, English publisher/multi-millionaire
1940   David Vance, horse trainer
1940   George Reinholt, Phila, actor (Steve-Another World, One Life to Live)
1940   John Banham, director-general (CBI)
1940   Valerie Harper, Sufferin NY, (Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda, Valerie)
1941   Bill Parcells, NFL coach (NY Giants, NY Jets, NE Patriots)
1942   Kathy Lennon, Santa Monica Calif, singer (Lennon Sisters)
1943   Alun Michael, MP (Labour)
1944   Henk Veldhoen, biochemist/Dutch MP (PvdA)
1945   Derek Fatchett, MP (Labour)
1945   James G Richardson, Gainesville Fla, actor (Tim Cassidy-Sierra)
1945   Ron Dante, Staten Island NY, rock vocalist (Archies-Sugar, Sugar)
1945   Steve Kroft, Kokomo Ind, co-editor (60 Minutes)
1946   Felix Meurders, Dutch radio host
1947   Bud Cramer, (Rep-D-Alabama)
1947   Cindy Williams, Van Nuys Calif, actress (Shirley- Laverne & Shirley)
1947   Donna Godchaux, rocker (Grateful Dead)
1948   Rob Buckman, British broadcaster/actor (Pink Medicine Show)
1949   Diana Nyad, swimmer (1st to swim Bahamas to Fla-1979)
1950   Teresa Davis, rocker
1954   Frank Marino, rocker
1954   John Colwell, Kingston Ont, Canadian Tour golfer (1978 Simon Fraser)
1956   Jeff Lloyd, jockey
1956   Paul Molitor, St Paul MN, infielder (Mn Twins, 1993 World Series MVP)
1956   Peter Taylor, cricketer (Australian off-spinner 1987-92)
1957   Holly Dunn, San Antonio Tx, country singer (Daddy's Hands)
1957   Randy Romero, Garden City NY, jockey (Breeder's Cup 1987-89)
1957   Steve Davis, snooker player
1958   Elhadjdia Ba, Dakar Senegal, hurdler (Olympic-silver-1988)
1958   Ian Mitchell, Edinburgh, rocker (Bay City Rollers)
1959   Denise Curry, Daivs Calif, basketball player (Olympic-gold-1984)
1959   Juan Croucier, heavy metal rocker (Ratt-Round & Round)
1961   Debbi Peterson, LA Calif, rock drummer (Bangles-Eternal Flame)
1961   Jay Ashton, rocker (Gene Loves Jezebel)
1961   John Kidd, NFL punter (Miami Dolphins)
1961   Roland Orzabal, rock vocalist (Tears for Fears-Shout, Head over Heels)
1962   Gene Craig Sauers, Savannah GA, PGA golfer (1986 Bank of Boston)
1962   James Debarge, Grand Rapids Mi, rock vocalist/keyboardist (Debarge)
1962   Marie Laurie Mahabir, Guadeloupe, N Amer Bodybuilding Champ (1985-87)
1963   Lily Yip, Canton China, US table tennis player (Olympics-92, 96)
1963   Terry Catledge, NBA star (Orlando Magic)
1963   Thomas Ansberry, Okinawa Japan, US 10K runner
1963   Tori Amos, [Myra Ellen Amos], NC, pianist/vocalist (Under The Pink,)
1964   Dean Evason, Flin Flon, NHL center (Calgary Flames)
1964   Mats Wilander, Vaxjo Sweden, tennis star (1988-US, Aust, French)
1965   Patricia Hy-Boulais, Cambodia, tennis star (1994 Auckland doubles)
1966   Mark Michaels, heavy metal guitarist (Teach Yourself Rhythm Guitar)
1966   Rob Witschge, Dutch soccer star (Ajax/Feyenoord)
1967   Curt Bourque, jockey
1967   Layne Staley, US rock singer/guitarist (Alice in Chains-Dirt)
1967   Wale', Lagos Nigeria, model
1968   Henrik Holm, Sweden, tennis star
1968   Horst Skoff, Austria, tennis star
1968   Michael Curry, NBA guard (Detroit Pistons, Milwaukee Bucks)
1968   Paul Ereng, Kenya, 800m runner (Olympic-gold-1988)
1969   Hipolito Pichardo, Esperanza Dom Rep, pitcher (KC Royals)
1969   Maurice Graef, soccer player (VVW, Roda JC)
1970   Jean-Michel Bombardier, Brantford Ont Canada, ice pairs (1995, 96 Can)
1971   Bernard Carter, NFL/WLAF linebacker (Jaguars, Frankfurt Galaxy)
1972   Marliece Andrada, Manteca Calif, playmate (March 1998)
1972   Stephen Boyd, NFL linebacker (Detroit Lions)
1973   Jennifer Makris, Miss USA-New Jersey (1997, top 10)
1975   Charles C Smith, NBA guard (Miami Heat)
1975   Mbali Gasa, Miss South Africa Universe (1997)
1975   Robert Enes, Australian soccer midfielder (Olyroos, Olympics-96)
1976   Jim Weaver, Northridge Calif, baseball pitcher (Olympics-bronze-96)
1976   Lia Victoria Borrero, Miss Panama Universe (1997)

408   Flavius Stilicho, West Roman field leader (395-408), dies at 48
634   Abd Allah Abu Bekr, Arabic merchant/1st kalief of Islam, dies
1188   Ferdinand II, king of Castili‰/Le¢n/Asturi‰/Galici‰, dies
1241   Gregory IX, [Ugolino di Segni], Italian Pope, dies
1280   Nicholas III, [Giovanni Gaetano Orsini], Italian Pope (1277-80), dies
1286   Erik V Klipping, king of Denmark, murdered
1350   Philips VI, of Valois, King of France (1328-50), dies
1367   Egidius AC Albornor, Spanish archbishop of Toledo, dies at about 57
1485   Richard III, king of England (1483-85), killed in battle at 32
1532   William Warham, English archbishop of Canterbury (1502-32), dies at 82
1553   John Dudley, English Lord Admiral/premier (1551-53), beheaded
1755   Caspar Burman, historian/mayor (Utrecht), dies
1793   Louis Duke de Noailles, marshal of France, dies at 80
1801   Pieter G van Overstraten, gov-gen of Neth-Indies, dies at 46
1806   Jean-Honor‚ Fragonard, French painter/engraver, dies at 74
1818   Warren Hastings, 1st governor-general of India (1773-84), dies at 85
1828   Franz Joseph Gall, German/French physician (frenology), dies at 70
1831   John White, composer, dies at 52
1850   Nikolaus Lenau, writer, dies at 48
1862   Henry Bohlen, German/US brig-general (Union), dies in battle at 51
1866   George Shillibeer, pioneer of London's 1st bus service, dies
1874   Sydney Thompson Dobell, poet, dies
1879   Friedrich August Kummer, composer, dies at 82
1886   Jos‚ da Silva Mendes Leal, Portuguese author (Indiana), dies at 67
1889   John Sanger, circus entrepreneur, dies
1890   Vasile Alecsandri, Romania poet/Foreign minister, dies at 69
1891   John Neruda, Czech writer/poet (Povidky Malostransk‚), dies at 57
1893   Ernst II, duke of Saxony-Coburg-Gotha (1844-93)/composer, dies at 75
1901   Gunnar Wennerberg, composer, dies at 83
1903   Robert A T G C Salisbury, British premier (1885..1902), dies at 73
1910   George Palmer, cricketer (17 Tests for Aust 1880-86, 78 wickets), dies
1912   Pope Gregory IX, dies
1914   Raffenel, French general (3rd Colonial Div, WW I), dies in battle
1914   Rondoney, French general (3rd Colonial Div, WW I), dies in battle
1920   Anders Zorn, Swedish painter (Gustavus Vasa), dies at 60
1922   Michael Collins, Irish nationalist leader, killed in ambush
1926   Charles William Elliot, Pres of Harvard (1869-1909), dies at 92
1929   Otto Liman von Sanders, German general in Turkey (WW I), dies at 74
1933   Adolf Loos, Austria architect (building of houses), dies at 62
1936   Juliette Adam-Lamber, French author (Salon/Nouvelle Revue), dies at 99
1937   David C Salas, Antillian writer (Josephina), dies
1942   Henry Eichheim, composer, dies at 72
1942   Mikhailmichel Fokine, Russian ballet dancer/choreographer, dies
1944   Raymond Aimos, actor (Golem, Mayerling, La Bandera), dies at 55
1958   Roger Martin du Gard, novelist/playwright, dies
1962   R A Schr”der, writer, dies
1963   William Richard Morris, 1st viscount Nuffield motor manufacturer, dies
1965   Henriette de Vreker-Verschuur, actress (Revolt in Mental Home), dies
1966   Apolinary Szeluto, composer, dies at 82
1967   Tom Conway, actor (Mrs Minerva), dies of liver ailment at 63
1970   Richard Frank Donovan, composer, dies at 78
1973   Louise Huff, actress (Sea Waif, Caprice, Disraeli), dies at 77
1974   Jacob Bronowsky, British mathematician/cultural historian, dies at 66
1976   Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira, pres of Brazil (1955-60), dies at 73
1976   Oskar Brsewitz, East German vicar, sets self on fire
1977   Sebastian Cabot, actor (Mr French-Family Affair), dies at 59
1978   Ignazio Silone, Italian author (Fontamara, Pane e vino), dies at 78
1978   Jomo Kenyatta, 1st premier of Kenya (1963-78), dies at 83
1979   Henry Beernink, politician, dies at 69
1979   James T Farrell, US writer (French Girls are Vicious), dies
1984   Charles Whittenberg, composer, dies at 57
1985   Ginty Lush, cricketer (NSW quickie of 30's), dies
1990   Merlin Marston, actor (Blue Sky), dies of non-Hodgkins lymphoma at 45
1991   Boris Pugo, USSR minister of Interior (1990), commits suicide
1991   Colleen Dewhurst, actress (Murphy Brown), dies of cancer at 67
1993   Don Getz, US filmer (Playpoint)
1993   Kasdi Merbah, PM of Algeria (1988-89), assassinated
1994   Leo Lerman, actor/manager/critic (Dance Magazine), dies at 80
1994   Tom Quirke, journalist, dies at 42
1995   Jose Antonio Giron de Velasco, politician, dies at 83
1996   David Donaldson, painter, dies at 80
1996   Robert Lewis Campbell Lorimer, publisher, dies at 77
1996   William James Millar Mackenzie, political scientist, dies at 87
1997   Mary Louise Smith, chairman (Rep), dies at 82

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