Overview of The American Revolution: A Teacher's Guide 

The American Revolution: a Teacher's Guide to Studying the Events, Battles, and People of the Revolutionary War Era is a teacher created, 12 lesson guide with extended learning ideas. The lessons encourage student participation and research as they learn about many aspects of the 1763-1783 era. Learn about the time through study of:

·        Revolutionary War History Chart ©  featuring the Staircase Learning MethodTM, a color-coded, chronological system for logical and simple study of the events and people of the time.

·        Lessons  presented in standard format with objectives, materials, motivation, instructional procedure, discussion and extension suggestions

·        Detailed teaching instructions, guide sheets and answers provided

·        Music and art of the era, including fife and drum music and art cards to enhance student learning

·        Student generated news stories and research using web sites and the National Registry of Living Historians

·        Primary documents and song lyrics study

·        Two slide show presentations

·        Group lessons that encourage cooperative learning as well as lessons to be done individually

·        Lessons that can easily be adapted for use by smaller groups and home schools

Students will understand the early history of our nation and also appreciate the efforts of those who fought and sacrificed for this great country.  We hope to encourage students to become leaders themselves and work to preserve our heritage, freedoms, liberties and the values upon which this great country was founded. 

2 complimentary lessons for use with the American Revolution History Chart follow the table of contents below. The complete Teacher's guide can be purchased on our website on the products page.  Click here to access our products page. 

Table of Contents 

For the Complete Teacher's Guide to the American Revolution

Unit 1:  Introduction to the Revolutionary War

               Lesson 1:  Using the Staircase Learning MethodTM               

               Lesson 2: The Acts of Parliament Cause Rebellion 

Unit 2:  Learn the Facts about the Revolutionary War     

     Lesson 3:  Who is Who in the Revolutionary War

     Lesson 4:  American or British                 

               Lesson 5:  Battles of the Revolutionary War

               Lesson 6:  Revolutionary War Scavenger Hunt

               Lesson 7:  Famous Quotations 

Unit 3:  Other Aspects of Life and the American Revolution

     Lesson 8:  Learning from the Leaders

     Lesson 9:  Music of the Time       

     Lesson 10: Primary Sources; Our Best Sources

               Lesson 11: Artists Capture a Moment in Time

     Lesson 12: Journalism plays a part in a Revolution 



1.     Support Materials for Teacher's Lesson Plans

2.     Slide Show Presentations and music CD

3.     Artists Prints

4.     Class Map of the Colonies

5.     Web Site Resources

6.     Bibliography 

The first two lessons in the Teacher's guide are as follows.  These beginning lessons are designed to help the student get to know the American Revolution History Chart and how to use it to learn more about the American Revolution.  The rest of the lessons use a variety of methods and sources as learning material. Lessons about many aspects of the American Revolution are included for study of the Events, Battles, and people of the Revolution. Students will use Primary documents, artwork of the time, music of the time as well as internet, first person, and book resources to learn about this era in our nation's history. This 12 lesson teacher's guide as well as the American Revolution History Chart and CD and other products are available resources for teachers at  http://www.learningwithease.com/products.cfm .

The following 2 lessons are an introduction to the American Revolution. Use this free gift with our sincere thanks for your interest and promotion of American History. 


How to Use the Staircase Learning Method TM


Students will learn to use the Staircase Learning MethodTM so that they will be able to make optimal use of the chart. 

Instructional Method:

To use the  Staircase Learning MethodTM , review the procedure for using the chart as follows: 

Look at the Staircase Learning MethodTM  key to the chart (found on the lower left of the American Revolution History Chart and notice the following items: 

1.     Column Banners signify dates for each column and each column has a corresponding letter. 

2.     Dates are written in black to the right on each step (entry).

3.     Under each portrait is a color-coded portrait banner signifying whether the person was affiliated with the American or the British side in the war. 

4.     Notice each step is numbered for easy identification.

5.     All names in each step are color-coded as well.

6.     Notice the color-coded date boxes.  

a.     Solid blue box indicates an act of Washington.

b.    Blue bordered box indicates an act of Congress.

c.      Solid red box indicates a battle or military action.

d.    Bordered red box indicates an act of parliament.

e.     Solid yellow box indicates troop movements.

f.       Bordered yellow box indicates a written publication. 


Using the Staircase Learning MethodTM to Study the Revolutionary War History Chart



Students will be able to identify different types of listings by using the Staircase Learning MethodTM

Instructional Procedure:

Make copies of the guide sheet (below) for this lesson.  Work through the guide sheet  as a class or individually using the Revolutionary War History Chart © for reference. 

Guide sheet for:

Using the Staircase Learning MethodTM and the Chart 

Discover some interesting facts about the Revolutionary War.  Using the Staircase Learning MethodTM  key as a reference, search the specific area Staircase F/ 39 to F/ 60, find and record below: 

1. An act of Washington 





 2. An act of Congress



 3. An act of Parliament     




4. A battle or military action



5. Troop movement



6. A publication 




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