Living Historians Registry - Terms And Conditions


Our terms and conditions are presented in three points. First in 'terms and conditions' language, and then restated in 'plain English' language. Both are easily understandable, so whichever you read we think you will get our point.

'Terms and Conditions' language:

We will never share any of your private information with anyone for any reason.
Any confidential information you will give us, will never be sold, leased, rented, loaned, borrowed, begged, or pleaded away from us. Period!

We will not, are not, and cannot be responsible for the actions of, and / or the results of any wrong doer who would attempt or succeed to misuse your chosen public information for the wrong purpose(s). We would however, appreciate being notified if you suspect misuse of our honored members Registry, as we would pursue to disable this type of activity will all vigor and resources available to us.

Since you are becoming a member of the group, we would like to keep you updated. Our honored members are the reason for the existence of the N.R.L.H.
We plan to provide many services such as links, pictures, insurance for reenactors, etc., in the near future (we have great plans in the works). Therefore, we reserve the right to send e-mail updates to you, (from us only) which may be in the form of a brief newsletter, an announcement, or just a friendly e-mail.

'Plain English' language:

It'll be 32 degrees down under before anybody gets anything out of us.  PERIOD!!

If anybody messes with our members we can't hep it, but if we git' our hands on 'em, we'll stomp 'em like a stringy jack rabbit!

We have no intention of stuffing your box full of advertisements. Our only intention is to keep you informed about activities within your National Registry.

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